Praising My Jesus All the Day Long!

This coming Sunday I have the amazing opportunity to sing with a group of girls at our church. We are singing the song that you can both hear and view in just a second. It makes me eternally grateful for the fact that I am a chosen child of the King who loves me every day of my life with full abandon!

He has abandoned no one and, in fact, never wants us to be away from Him! He’s crazy about every one of us as He created us in His image to fulfill His purposes.

There are NO orphans so if you are feeling alone or like you are just without hope… remember that Jesus, the One and only perfect sacrifice came so that we would know LIFE! He came so that we might know LOVE and He came that we might know our Heavenly FATHER. No orphans. Not even  you!

The Lord is using this song and this video to challenge me in some heartfelt ways. I pray that as you watch it He might do the same in you. If nothing else to make us all aware of just how blessed we are to live in the United States, but also to make us aware of the need to reach out and love others.


“There are no strangers.

There are no outcasts.

There are no orphans of God.”


JenB said…
I love that song! I'm sorry I'll miss it. Sing pretty!
Faith said…
Oooh, that's one of my favorites too. You know I love me some Avalon! I know God will speak through these words!
Rebecca Jo said…
One of my favorite songs too!!! This song makes me cry! I've seen Avalon countless times & Jenna sang this one time - I was a mess!!!

Praying you touch hearts with your voice!
Traci said…
You know how I feel about that subject. The flood gates opened when Latin America rolled around. I want to bring them all home with me! So glad to have you singing with us. You've been blessed with a beautiful voice and I think you've never sounded better than you do on the opening line. Can't wait for Sunday! Do you mind if I use the video too?

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