No Girl Deserves This Much Fun!

I have a confession to make. I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY! You know why?Mainly because it’s one day before my birthday. I know I am a freak. Most people dread getting older, but when Christmas hits I start thinking… “Only a month and a half ‘til VALENTINES!!” It’s a sickness.

So guess what we did? Well, we celebrated of course!!

It actually started on Thursday when we had a ladies lunch and my friend Faith showed up with this PRECIOUS monogrammed cake for us to all share!  It was so sweet of her and the other girls to celebrate with me a few days early.



THEN on Friday we went to dinner with our friends. Faith and Chad, Daniel and Jennifer and Brandon and Emily (who does not blog but SHOULD because she is so funny and has a couple of precious twin boys that you all need to see on a regular basis! hint, hint Em!!) all met at Harper’s to have dinner. They sat us at this small round table where most of us had to sit on the edge of our seats just to reach our food! It was really funny! We even had to adjust our oval plates long ways to make sure everyone fit! Good thing we like each other!! When we left Daniel said, “Let’s go so a party of 4 can be seated!” Man was he right!

My sweet friend gave me some awesome gifts and spending time with them helped make my birthday weekend very special!


On Saturday my husband had arranged for my in-laws to keep our girl so that we could shop and spend the afternoon and night together. First we headed for a late lunch here…


We meant to get the waiter to take our picture, but they were so busy and we forgot!  The food was really good and we actually had time to talk with no interruptions! LOVED time with just my little hubby…

SOO we headed to the MALL! Bless my sweet man’s heart he followed me around like I was some princess and helped me look through the department stores for clothes that

#1… I would remotely like.. some things are just TOO low cut, too, revealing and too hooch. I’m just sayin’.

#2… were in my size once I decided that I liked them, and

#3.. we could remotely afford! 

We looked through Macy’s and Belk’s first because we had coupons from the paper. Unfortunately the things that I liked were Ralph Lauren and the coupon STILL didn’t help! Well, it helped, but not enough!

Then we headed to Coldwater Creek, (which can sometimes look like a hip grandmother, but at least they aren’t into showing the “girls” if you know what I mean?)  and here’s what I found!

I love this yellow shirt! It is so soft and it lays really pretty with the pleats in the front. The sleeves are pretty pretty too. I also LOVE these dressy jeans!! I love the wide legs and how they fit! SO comfy!!


I also got some black dress pants (that I thought were navy until I got them home, but I love them so I am keeping them!) and I got a couple of new laced trimmed tanks to wear under things that I already have.

That was a fun day… just me and him taking our time, shopping and talking. I loved every minute of it, and I KNOW he did too! SHHH! Don’t tell him I told!

Sunday was my actual birthday and to my mom that is a BIG deal! She wants to see us ON THE DAY and she goes to whatever lengths to make that happen! A while back she asked off from work to ensure that we would be together ON THE DAY! We live 2 hours apart so sometimes it doesn’t work out, but if she can at all do it.. she does!! It has always made every one of our family members feel special and important so we all try to work it out for each other too.

Here we are at a really pretty place called Harry& Jeans. I had shrimp and grits… DELISH!002

That’s my dad, me, Caroline, my mom, my brother and my sweetie. I am 14 months older than my brother and I am use to him being my little brother, but lately he has been sporting that beard and looking a lot more distinguished. I don’t get to see him that much, but when I do I always have to do a double take at the beard. My little brother with a beard… that’s just weird!


They came bearing gifts too so I got some new brown dress pants and a top to match and a super cool rain jacket/trench coat looking (suppose to be the “in thing” right now) jacket. Mom LOVES to shop for us so we never complain at birthday time! Thanks mom and dad!!

We were soooooo tired but we had one more stop to make! We had not been with my husband’s family yet!!! So that night we headed out to meet them for dinner. Our sister-in-law banned all cameras because she was headed for the hospital today to deliver our new niece!! We told her that we would comply last night but could make no promises once we got to the hospital today!! I am excited to get to share my birthday with the newest member of our family!! Taylor Elizabeth is born today!!! What a gift!! Pictures WILL be posted soon!!

Needless to say it has been a fun, whirlwind of a weekend! It is really a blessing to have such wonderful friends and family. God has truly blessed me!! And I am always looking forward to next year… ALTHOUGH… next year is a big one so I may just decide to stop here!! ;)


JenB said…
Awww, every girl deserves that much fun! So glad you birthday weekend (!) was great. Love the yellow shirt--very cute!
Rebecca Jo said…
What great friends & family you have!!!

Love the clothes you got... I'm having a hard time this year with Spring clothes...everything seems really Short & swingy to me... oh well!

Glad you enjoyed the B-day!!!
Faith said…
Glad you had a great weekend celebrating. I love everything you got...and you're right, that yellow shirt does look like you!

Great pic of you with your mom, dad and brother!

And, congratulations AUNT SISSY!!!
Heather said…
I adore that yellow shirt and the jeans!!! So glad you had a wonderful b-day/v-day weekend!
Traci said…
You most absolutely deserve that much fun! I love birthdays too!
I think I need to make a trip to Cold Water Creek... Happy, Happy Birthday!

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