Praise and an Update!



I am so happy to share that our little Taylor is doing just fine! Thank you so much for praying!! She is going home with some new medicine for her tummy, some rice to thicken her milk and some relieved parents!! The doctors say that she has reflux and will have to sit up for 30 minutes after she eats, take her meds and she should be good to go!! It’s that simple. So we are very thankful that she’s doing so well. God heard our prayers and He’s already at work in this little life!!

I wish I had taken my camera to the hospital because that little thing has already changed so much and she’s even more beautiful! My sister-in-law had her dressed in the cutest little outfit too!! LOVE little girl clothes!!

Anyway, thank you for your sweet comments and for your prayers! We are so blessed to know that we have friends that pray and we know that the Lord hears!! He’s so worthy of all of our praise!!


Carol said…
I've been out of the loop since I went away last week. So blessed to hear that she is doing well. Praise Him!
Faith said…
Soooo glad to hear that sweet little thing is doing so much better and they have things figured out now. Still praying for her and the new parents!

Love you and miss you!
Rebecca Jo said…
so glad to hear good news!
Jacquie said…
Awesome! That is ONE beautiful baby!!!
Jensmere said…
Glad to hear the good news! She may be relieved to hear that I will be sitting up thinking of her trying to get my reflux under control! haha!

Bless you! looking forward to more pictures!
Denise K. said…
Hi! I'm just stopping by from Faith' site and wanted you to know that I will indeed be praying for your sweet niece and for healthy days ahead! With love from Colorado, Denise :-)
MiMi said…
So glad to read this update and hear that she is doing well! She is adorable!

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