In the Mean Time

Lots of things have happened since I posted last. Really too many things to tell. Here's a little recap to catch you up a little!

Easter with our, now one year old niece, Taylor.


My little girl is growing up faster and faster it seems.



Our special needs ministry is changing and growing and it's so exciting to see them involved in their church home! They participated in our church's spring Children's Musical and man did they do a great job?!?!

146 (2)

162 (2)

150 (2)

The Lord has blessed me with the chance to sing with some sweet girls and we were invited to sing for a women's event in West Virginia.


We were honored to be asked to sing again (along with other talented folks!)  for a local unwed mother's women's shelter and fund raiser. God is working in this ministry and we are thrilled to see women encouraged and worship through song.


God has been at work in me in many ways lately. I have been taking a Genesis study and it is rocking my world! God has so much to tell us in His Word and I am sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of information that I have missed because I've lazily read through it. Taking the time to stop and read the details has truly changed the way that I view Him, His Word and my own life.

God is challenging me to look at the REAL reasons that I do the things that I do. Are they because I really have the heart to serve others and HIM or am I just going through the motions because the opportunity presents itself? There for a while I was so busy that I truly felt that it might be the latter and I was very convicted about that! I want to be fully aware of where my time and energy goes and not just spend it doing things that are "busy work." I want to live each day with purpose and so God is showing me that before I rush into things I need to stop at His feet first.

Well, I hope to do better with this blawging thing in the future. I have many thoughts to share. Today is Mother's Day and I am reminded of the blessing of my own mom today. She has always been supportive of me and a listening ear as I have faced my own challenges in motherhood. 022

I am also reminded of friends who have lost their moms or those who have not been able to have children of their own. They have been in my thoughts and prayers today. I know this day is bitter sweet and the Lord has reminded me to lift them to His throne.

Praise the Lord for YOU! So many times I think that no one reads this crazy thing, but God has brought you into my path to say, "I read your blog and I'm praying for you!" Thanks for that! I love knowing that He can use something like this to encourage us along the way.


Traci said…
thanks for the text today! hope you've had a great mother's day!
Faith said…
Love all these pics! You have been busy and God has been up to some great things!

Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day. Love you friend!

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