Obedience First Then the Blessing

Over the past several months I have taken a Precept Bible Study that has really been one A-MAZ-ING wake up call to me. The fact that I have grown up in church and had Bible stories read to me since I was conceived is wonderful and I am glad that I have that heritage. I have known, since I was a little girl, that Adam and Eve were tempted by that mean old snake in the Garden of Eden. I have known that Noah built a big boat and that all the animals came two by two to board the cute little vessel that people hang on nursery walls.


I say that it has been a wake up call because God has used this time to show me that LEST I THINK I KNOW EVERYTHING... I TRULY KNOW NOTHING!

So many attitudes that I have had about my knowledge of God's Word have been revealed to me over the course of the past few months and, honestly, I have loved it!

One of the biggest, and most practical, lessons that I have learned has been through the life of Abram. In Genesis 12:1 it says:

"Now the Lord said to Abram, "Go forth from your country, and from your relatives and from your father's house to the land which I will show you."

Then in verse 5 of that same chapter it reads:

"Abram took Sarai his wife and Lot his nephew, and all their possessions which they had accumulated..."


For the longest time I was really impressed with Abram. I thought that his obedience and willingness to leave his land and go where God had commanded was truly amazing. A blind faith that is to be commended, no doubt. The problem is that Abram didn't obey fully! God told him to LEAVE his relatives, but Lot was tagging along! It wasn't until Lot was separated from Abram in Genesis 13 that God was willing to show Abram His full blessing for him.

Abram had to fully obey first and then came the blessing.

Last week my daughter wanted a pop-cicle after dinner. My husband kept saying "Eat your supper first and then you may have it." After the third or fourth time of reminding her to eat we stopped. She didn't finish her food and so we just said, "Let's head to get our bath!" With tears in her eyes she said, "BUT! What about the pop-sicle?" As clear as a bell I heard the Lord whisper, "Obedience first and then the blessing!"

In my own day to day life when I get frustrated with things I have had to ask myself why I am frustrated. Did I have my time with the Lord? Did I seek Him in prayer about things that are on my heart? Have I taken time to be in His presence? Those are all things that He has called me to and they are much easier than leaving my home and family! So He's challenging me too! I can not expect the blessing unless I am obedient first!

We often  hear people say that God's Word is the same and yet different every time we read it. I have to say that that could not have been more true about this particular study! God has worked in so many ways through familiar stories to show me His character and His grace and His provision.

Lord, THANK YOU that Your Word is alive and active and true! I love that You have a lesson for me every time I open it! I pray that You would speak to my heart and change me. Help my attitude to be one that represents You. Show me how to love others and give me wisdom as a mom and wife. Help me to walk in obedience because I don't want to miss ONE of Your blessings! I love You Father! Amen!


Hey Melissa,

OUCH! I struggle with the concept of "obedience first then the blessing" this lesson really brings it home. I'll try to remeber that the next time I am looking for the blessing before being obedience. Thanks

Katie, (my oldest girl) brought me a posy of lovely peonies from the farmers market. Let me tell ya THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I also HEART a hydrangea. Gardening is somewhat new to me and I find that I have the best talks with God while my hands are busy working!


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