Rain, Rain Go Away!

Last night was an extremely tiring night. To be honest, for the last several weeks I have kind of dreaded night time because of recent pop up storms that we have had in our area. It has rained on an off, here and there, for the last couple of weeks which means that when we approach the evening hours those "pop up thunderstorms" are likely.

Personally, I love the storms. I love hearing the rain hit the windows and hearing the distant thunder. It is such good sleeping weather! Oh, I love it.

Our girl, on the other hand, not so much.

So the bed time routine is peppered with conversation about rain. Will it rain? Will it thunder? Will it last long? How much rain will we get? How loud do you think it will be, mom? Wait! I hear thunder! Oh, just an air plane.

One night she said, "Mom, tonight's just going to be a sunny night, right?!"

Oh, heavenly days! Deliver me.

So last night we ate dinner on our deck. It was an awesome day and I thought it would be fun (after a couple of days of rain) to be outside for dinner. We ate dinner, my husband cut the grass, we did the whole bath thing... and just as my husband walks in to our daughter's room to read a Bible story... you guessed it! The heavens opened WIDE! There was no thunder or lightening, but rain it did!


For Pete's sake. Just 20 minutes before the "MONSOON" girlfriend had been in the shower getting all kinds of wet!

We finally convince her that the water will not hurt her and neither will the sound of water hitting our house so she might as well hit the sack! A couple of hours later we do the same only to be awakened by this quiet little... "Dad... can you come sleep with me? It might rain!"


It MIGHT rain.


You know, they say that you should not minimize childhood fears. Kids get scared of the dark and storms and monsters under their beds... I get that... BUT SERIOUSLY!!?!?

I love her, I will pray with and for her, I will hug her and remind her that she's ok. I will lie with her for a while until she calms down and she might be in my bed for a bit when IT ACTUALLY RAINS!  I am not sleeping in a twin bed, with my arm and leg and half of my body hanging off,  just because there is a 20% chance of precipitation!

Watch, next week we will have a BIG OL' storm and I will eat those words... you just mark my words!


Rebecca Jo said…
aahh... poor thing..

I LOVE rain & STORMS! My dad used to take me out on our back porch - we'd put a clear tarp over us (with holes punched in for air) & we'd sit out & let the rain fall on us & laugh & enjoy it... the bigger storm, the better... Now, to this day, storms & rain makes me smile...
Faith said…
Bless the girl! I do like the rain, but I'm not a fan of being woken up with storms during the middle of the night.

She's such a mess and I just love her to pieces and miss her too!!
Hi Melissa,

My name is Nancy and I have lurked around your sweet blog for awhile now (sorry, I hope that isn't to creepy). I just receintly started a blog and thought I would leave a comment! I have to tell ya...I love your blog! I love how you are so open in sharing things with us and wanted to let you know that I have had the privlege of lifting you and your sweet family up in prayer. I can so relate to this post only... and I hope you see the humor in this...it's our dog, Libby that struggles with storms. We have spent many a sleepless nights! :) Hope you have a great week end!

Hey Melissa,

I am so glad you stopped by!!! and hopefully the storms have passed by now and you have been able to get some rest. Praying for ya sweet friend.


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