A Title Goes Here...

... and I really wish I knew what it was. Maybe when I am done with this entry it will hit me. Probably not. 

I think part of the reason that I am struggling with a title is because I am sort of struggling with being lonely today. Do you ever have those days? I mean, I've seen people and all and I've talked to a few even... AND I had my quiet time and talked to Jesus too. It's just that some days I get in my own world and people are working and doing things with and for their families and, frankly, I get lonely. Just being honest... and real, is all.

Recently we have had some exciting things going on with women's ministry at our church, though, and when I get my mind on the things of the Lord a lot of those lonely feelings go away. PRAISE THE LORD!

Look at this! It's a little dark, but it's my dining room with stacks and stacks of clothes on it...


The girls from my Sunday school class did a clothes drive for an un-wed mother's home and, man, did they bring in the goods!!?!? We had so much stuff that we could hardly get it organized and to the home in a couple of cars. The girls seemed to really enjoy "shopping" and we enjoyed seeing their faces as they were able to get some really nice things for their unborn babies.

Many of the girls in our class are new. We've had a recent influx of couples and it has been really  neat to see how God is bringing people together who have similar situations and life experiences. It's like He orchestrated the people to come and then He has used each of them to encourage one another. I don't really know how to explain it except to say IT'S TOTALLY GOD!

It seems that when I sit down to write my brain goes straight to my daughter. This has been quite a year of change and difficult decisions. We switched her to public school in November so that she could have more special needs support. While it has been good it has been HARD!  


We have had so many appointments with OT and Vision Therapy and we do see slow improvements in her abilities. Every ounce of growth is important so we are not taking one bit of it for granted. I think the hardest part is seeing other kids her age (and sometimes younger) surpass her in many areas. I want so much for her to be able to do what other kids do, and yet it is taking her much longer to get there.

I am very thankful for the therapists who have diligently worked with her and who continue to encourage both of us on a weekly basis. We have also learned of a summer program that may be able to help with some of her written expression and processing needs. I am thankful that the Lord continues to put people in our path who know more about her issues than we do and who are willing to help!

You know, I believe that the Lord allows us to go through things for His purpose and glory. Being lonely is not always a bad thing. It forces me to think, "Ok! What ARE the blessings around you? Are you just seeking the Lord in one place or do you see Him in everything? Who are the people that the Lord has used to encourage you today? Who have you encouraged?"

And then with my girl. He whispers to me, "Melissa, she can walk and talk! She is funny! HILARIOUS! She has come so far and I am not finished with her."

And with the Sunday school girls.. "Do you see what I've done? I've brought new girls that are eager to know Me! I have brought new friendships into your life and I love each one so much! Disciple them. Show them My love!"

Ok, so maybe I have a title now. Maybe it should be "How God Gets Rid of the Lonelies and Makes You Recognize His Handiwork!" Think that will fit in the title line!?


Faith said…
Look at how big she is in that picture!! Sounds like so many awesome things going on. I can relate to the loneliness - I heard a sermon recently by Dr. Stanley about turning the loneliness into solitude with the Lord and it was SO good. You should look up the podcast.

Love you friend!!

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