What Do "They" Know?

"They" said it may never happen...012

"They" said it would probably take a long time...013

It did take a little longer than most... 016 (2)

But never under estimate the power and determination of a girl who wants to achieve!


Eventually... she WILL get there.... 017

And the pride that she will feel will be one that shows "them" that she CAN overcome!


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" Philippians 4:13


Summer said…
Way to go, girlfriend!!! Now can she come over and teach Zeke? :-)
Way to go!!!
Heather said…
YAY!!!!!! That is so awesome! Way to go Caroline!
Kat said…
Hooray for Caroline!!! That is awesome!!!
Rebecca Jo said…
BIG ole High fives to Caroline!!!

You are EXACTLY right - what DO they know! Caroline will show over & over again what she's capable of..
JenB said…
Yay Caroline! They don't know anything! :)
Bella Michelle said…
Way to go!!!!! LOL I can't help but laugh because my dd (who just graduated from High School) was almost 10 before she learned and honestly, just never was that good at riding a bike! She says she wants to take her bike to college, we are scared!
Faith said…
WAY TO GO GIRLFRIEND!!! Love these pics. That is so exciting!!

And, HAPPY DAY sweet Liney! Chad and I love you very much and we are SO proud of you!!
Traci said…
Go Liney, Go Liney!
Great job girlfriend!!!

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