February at the Beach

Not two words that you usually put together, but we did it all the same! Beach Feb. 2012 110

We took some sweet friends and enjoyed some time away…Beach Feb. 2012 084

The beach was warm some days… some days warm enough to swim in the heated pool!

Beach Feb. 2012 006

And it was cold some days and we had to wear sweaters and long sleeves…

Beach Feb. 2012 105

Either way… it was the beach and an awesome reminder of how great our God is and how His creation never ceases to amaze me..

Beach Feb. 2012 061Beach Feb. 2012 121

Beach Feb. 2012 097Beach Feb. 2012 070

And it was a reminder that I have the most precious gifts in my family and friends…

Beach Feb. 2012 080Beach Feb. 2012 137

Beach Feb. 2012 129Beach Feb. 2012 136

Beach Feb. 2012 117


Now don’t get me wrong… there were a few pouty times…

Beach Feb. 2012 173

But there were plenty of smiles and fun times to be had!

Beach Feb. 2012 178Beach Feb. 2012 095

Beach Feb. 2012 140

There was a little kite flying with a new kite…

Beach Feb. 2012 194Beach Feb. 2012 195

… and a little success on a putt-putt course…

Beach Feb. 2012 168Beach Feb. 2012 169

…overall it was a very nice trip and we enjoyed our time away. No one wanted to leave, but it will make the next visit even sweeter..and we can’t wait!

Beach Feb. 2012 210


Faith said…
Great pics of y'all! So glad you had a fun getaway!

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