Go Figure! and a Redo

We went to Occupational Therapy last week…


and they started something new with Miss Caroline. They talked about how cooking is so good for kids and how they think that using ideas in the kitchen might help us more with some developmental things! Processing information and the order of things (sequencing) is really hard for her so they decided to write out some simple directions for her and another kid and they let them make a snack for the therapists. They had the best time!

It isn’t that we’ve never tried to get her involved in the daily cooking (and cleaning) at home… it’s just that she has never really been interested!

Insert the power of suggestion from someone other than mom!! Since the THERAPIST thought it was cool… well, suddenly it is the best idea EVER!!

So Saturday we decided to make a coffee cake/streusel for daddy… since he’s the only one who drinks coffee (her words). 


The directions and ingredients were simple and she did great! She was even excited to see that some of the words she’s learning at school were on the box. Fractions like 1/4 cup and Fahrenheit made her SOO excited! GO FIGURE!

Working on life skills like this will also develop more independence and help her gain some confidence that she can do things like other kids. She gets nervous that she might spill it or not understand so she just brushes things off. Hopefully this will be a good time of learning!

In other news I am gradually beginning to redo a few things in our house and I am PUMPED! We are meeting with some flooring folks and getting a few quotes for some new HARDWOODS in our downstairs! I can’t wait!

We are also going to redo Caroline’s room to make it a little more grown up! Here’s the bookshelf and the striped paint and border that we’ve had since she was 2!


It has been really cute and she has loved it, but it’s time to move on! Especially since places like this are starting to show:


It just needs to be freshened up and turned into an older girls’ room! I already have a Pottery Barn dust ruffle that I found for $5 at a consignment store. It is brand new and still in the package! And I have an idea of the colors… isn’t this pretty?


We are going to turn her bed sideways and make it into a daybed look with big pillows and probably paint the walls green. Maybe not this bright, but it gives me ideas galore! We are thinking green and white with some pink and black thrown in. I am on the hunt for CHEAP and ADORABLE things to help make her room precious! 

I also have had this HUGE blank wall in my bedroom and I am OVER IT! I have some ideas about how I want to change that up a bit so I am excited to see how that comes together, too!

Stay tuned! It’s gonna be FUN!


Faith said…
Oh man, seeing that room and those stripes brings back memories =) I can't wait to see what you do in there now. I know it will be beautiful! Call me if you need any help!

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