Hard days?

Don't you hate it when you have a hard day? Today was a hard day for me and my family and I just HATE it! Especially on Sundays when we all LOVE church and want to be there with each other as the usual happy family that we are. I SERIOUSLY love, love, love my husband and daughter. They are precious to me and we usually stand united on things... which is just such a gift. But on those days when things go whacky... oh, do I hate it!

I have an aunt that is really sweet, but her life seems to be the perpetual hard day. She has had many illnesses and has been alone now for several years since her husband died. She also has three kids who just do not seem to care. It seems that each time I talk to my mom and I ask about her sister the news is always bad.

How do you handle hard days?

Today at lunch I jokingly said that I needed therapy! (Truth be known, I probably do, but this time I was joking!) After just one hard day I had come to the conclusion that a good psychological session would do me some good!

Soooo... what happened to giving all my cares to Jesus? What happened to remembering the God who gave me life is bigger than all of my hard days? It is so easy to slip into that human nature response instead of the response that the Lord would have me give, isn't it?

Actually, my life is really great. I mean, yes, my child can seem impossible, but she is healthy, happy and overall not so bad! My husband and I could not be more different, but 95% of the time it works for us so do I really have room to complain?

Sometimes selfishness creeps in. Sometimes we get jealous or tired and just want to be left alone! Sometimes we get busy and forget to put the important things first. And sometimes things just get on our nerves!!!

It is during those times that we are wise to take a step back and look at all of the things that we really have that are blessings. My aunt can look at her home and see that she is safe and warm. She can look beyond her children and see that her sisters really love her and care for her. She can see that she has doctors that really care about her and they work hard to help her be as healthy as she can be. It really is all in our perspective.

Some days are hard, but we can't let those string together to become a hard life! We are wise to be honest and open with those that we love and talk it out. (Not yell it out... talk it out.) We are also wise to get out our journals and our Bibles and look at the promises that God has given us or the way that He has provided through out our past. Gaining that perspective really helps to see that it really was just a bad day.


Valarie said…
Was that really me you were talking about - the "aunt" with 3 kids having a perpetual bad day? hahaha
Just kiddin!

You're so right girl. The enemy wants nothing more than for us to get distracted with our stuff and waste precious time havin' a big ole' pity party. I would know because I've had several of those parties!!! =)

Love ya.
Melissa said…
You are silly! NO, I was not talking about you!

You know my husband did say the same thing about the enemy and he can just GO AWAY and stay in the pit where he belongs because he can't have my mind, emotions or anything else! I am a daughter of the KING -thank you very much! All of us are if we are in Christ Jesus! Those hard days will just be chalked up as learning days and we will move on! His mercies are new EVERY DAY! Praise the Lord Most High!! (I am about to run a lap around this house!)

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