No Hope

I talked with a lady recently who's daughter had run away from home. She and her family were so distraught over their loved one's choice to run and they did not know what to do. This daughter is just 18 and had tried to commit suicide in the past. They had no idea if her choices would lead to her death. She felt that she had no hope.

Another lady lost her husband to cancer and then her young son tried to commit suicide and lay in a hospital bed due to his distress over losing his dad. They both felt that they had no hope.

Another lady is married to an alcoholic who mistreats her with his actions and his words. He is not even trying to help with their children and she feels like she is fighting an uphill battle on her own. With no help and no end in sight she feels that she has no hope.

Each of these ask the question, " Where IS God in this? I feel that He has abandoned me and I have no hope!"

The truth of the matter is that God is here! He sees the choices that we make and while it hurts His amazing heart He is here and He cares. He sees the choices that others make, how they effect us and how it hurts and He is here!

It says in Deuteronomy 4:28-30 "If from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you look for Him with all your heart and with all your soul. When you are in distress and all these things have happened to you, then in later days you will return to the Lord your God and obey Him."

When we do not understand the circumstances that we are in as a result of illness or decisions that others make all we can do is "look for Him with all of [our] heart and with all of [our] soul."

The lady who's daughter ran away told me that it had been a long time since she had been on her knees. She prays and reads her Bible, but not on her knees. THIS drove her to her knees at the side of her daughter's bed everyday until her return this past week! She began to experience the voice of God in her life and He reassured her that He is in control!

I sometimes wonder if the Lord uses extremely hard, but temporary situations to get our attention. Using our loved ones is one way to really make us take inventory of our faith and trust in His power in our lives. Abuse is extremely hard and I do not believe that is something that the Lord approves of at all, but He can use ANY situation to pull us to Him. I have never been in that situation and am eternally grateful that is the case, but many, many women are dealing with abuse everyday.

As Christians we have to speak hope into their lives. Even if they know the Lord sometimes their situation is so overwhelming that they can't feel anything at all... especially the touch of the Lord. We have to be that touch. We have to be God's arms and His words of hope and truth need to come from our hearts to theirs as they face these difficult times. There is ALWAYS hope and they need to hear it. Scripture needs to flood their hearts and minds as they face each day in their pain.

It does take effort and time, but what would honor God most? Our pretending that we can't offer hope and walking away or our sharing God's Word with them to lift them up and encourage them to walk one more step?

Lord, give us sensitive hearts for those who are hurting. You are our hope! You are our refuge and our safe place. Help us to point others to You with a message of love and acceptance. Help us to listen to the hearts of others and bring them to our minds as we pray. Amen!


Nicki said…
Hey girl....I will be praying for that family. Wow.

I just wanted to stop by and tell you I'm so thankful for your words of love and encourament I find through your writing! I hope and pray you all have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!! much love!!

Melissa said…
wow nicki! Thank you! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving too! love you bunches!

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