NOT very spirtual!

Ok, so you know the whole Christmas thing is coming. Right? I mean some people have had their houses decorated since before Thanksgiving.. which totally confuses my Caroline... so how can you miss it? Christmas music is on 100% of the time on some unmentioned radio stations and it has been since before Thanksgiving... which is already making me tired.

Poor Thanksgiving gets NO air time!

So while I AM looking forward to Christmas... especially the shopping... love me some shoppin'... but it's the whole competition of it all that I struggle with. Like the people down the street have their lights up outside and they are fully decorated and ready to go. I have a few wreaths up and some fun Christmas rugs down, but other than that we do not have our tree up nor do we have lights on the house yet.

Then there's Caroline wanting to know where OUR tree is and why OUR lights are not up! Well, I am trying here kid!!!!!! It just seems almost impossible to get it all done at the same time that others have theirs done. Oh my word the PRESSURE!

I fully believe that THIS is why the true meaning of Christmas gets lost. We (I) are so concerned with keeping up with the Jones' and the Smith's and the people down the street that we forget that this IS NOT A COMPETITION!!!!!!!! We do NOT have to have our house decorated the minute we put the leftovers in the refrigerator after our Thanksgiving meal! We do NOT have to have the perfect decor and the perfect lights on our houses.

Jesus had NONE of it and it was still His birthday!!

Don't get me wrong... I do love me some shoppin', but I also love me some decoratin'! It is fun for me to be creative and try new things. I love to have my house warmly decorated and I enjoy the process. It is just that I do not enjoy the comparing and the feeling of "I am not on top of things like they are " that we feel as we see different decorations appear.

It is okay friends. Decorate when you can. Do what you can to make your home a special place, but do not put pressure on yourself to have it done RIGHT THIS SECOND! We have lives to live, bills to pay and work to do. Our kids need us to help with homework and our houses need a cleanin' still! None of those are necessarily fun, but they are priorities. Jesus knows that we have responsibilities and He expects us to take care of them... first!

I don't know if you need it or not, but sometimes I need permission to not be the first one finished! I officially give you permission to take your time... enjoy... Merry Christmas!


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