Just Give Thanks!

I know it goes without saying that we are incredibly blessed! While wars and famines go on in other parts of the world we Americans take so much for granted.

Even the Thanksgiving meal is something that we take for granted. Many people in the world would like to have a fraction of that food in a week! We complain of being sick of turkey and dressing after a couple of days, but others eat rice for years and are just thrilled to have something warm to put in their stomachs.

We have churches to attend freely. We have more than one Bible in our homes. We have the freedom to read them.

We have jobs. We may not always enjoy them, but they provide a means for us to eat, be clothed and live. We are able to work. We are able to earn a wage and we are able to provide for our homes.

We have children that are healthy and if they get sick we drive them to the doctor to get medicine that our insurance helps us afford. We do not blink at going to the drug store to get medicine that is prepared and easy to take in order to keep our families healthy.

We drive cars. We do not walk for miles in heat or rain or freezing conditions just to get food or medicine.

We have homes. They are warm. We have more than one blanket. We have more than one bed and we do not sleep in dirt huts. We have clothes, and while we may get tired of our wardrobes we DO have clothes. We can go and buy more... even if it comes from Wal-mart we can still buy something that looks decent to cover our nakedness.

We do not fear. We live in peace. Because of men and women who are willing to fight for our country we are safe. We play with our children, and have lunch with our friends, and talk on our cell phones. We are not victims of violence or slavery.

If we know Christ we have salvation. We are not afraid of a god that claims that we must work or kill others in order to be accepted in heaven or paradise.

Without His suffering we would have nothing. His life gives us peace. His death gives us hope. His watchful eye is ever on us and He is FOR us... not against us.

While days may be hard and seasons may seem impossible... we are EXTREMELY blessed. We are wise to think about our hardest day and then compare it to the majority of the world. We need to give thanks to God above for the way that He has so wonderfully blessed this country and our lives as Americans.

Next year my new goal will be to STOP COMPLAINING! I am extrememly spoiled and I am too blind to see it.

Bless the Lord! O my soul! And all that is within me bless His holy name!


Kim said…
Hi - I have been reading your blog and I think I know you from car line - I think your little girl is a sweetheart and I love her smile. I especially loved the day that her Mimi was in the car with you and she squealed with excitement. My mom is Mimi also - and my son feels the same way about her - I teach first grade - stop by my blog and we can get to know each other - rather than just exchanging a few causal words in car line each day :) BTW, I am Mrs. Anderson's back up caller - just so you can put a face with my blog. Love your ideas about a future ministry at HG.

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