How Much Do You Love Him?

Do you love Jesus enough to bite your tongue when you really want to say something smart?

Like when you are at the DMV for example.. those sweet and lovely human beings are there day in and day out dealing with the dead beats of society.

Yes they are. You can not deny it. The dead beats I mean... ( I heard a DJ say on talk radio that they are deadbeat dads and pirates, and they LIVE at the DMV because no normal people seem to be there when you go. Ever.)

So it's finally your turn after a 5 minute (or 95 minute) wait! You are sick of people you don't know staring at you. You are sick of standing in line and you are sick of reading all of the state issued paraphernalia that is stapled to the wall.

So it comes as no real surprise when you get to the front of the line and the person behind the counter is less than kind when you don't have your ID ready. I mean, did you not read all of the state issued paraphernalia 100 times during your 95 minute wait? Have you become a dead beat like all of the others during the 95 minute wait?

So how do you respond? Do you love them AND Jesus enough to be kind when they are not?

How about when you are dealing with co-workers or friends (or family! for that matter) who have a "smart mouth"?

(That's what my mom always called it... "You will NOT have that smart mouth with me, young lady!" I have no idea who she was talking to... maybe my brother?)

When these precious people that Jesus loves and died for are being less than precious how do you respond? Do you bite back or do you hold your tongue?

It says in James 3 (yes, you knew I was going there!) verse 6 "The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire... "

No one is really saying that it is right for anyone to be a smart mouth. I do not think it is right for anyone to hurt others by what they say, but the thing is... we can't control others! We can, however, control ourselves.

In the situation of the co-worker or DMV person they may not know that we attend church or profess to be Christians until we open our mouths. If we respond like all of the other dead beats then we are no different and we have had no impact for the kingdom!

Now, our friends and family DO know that we profess to be Christians so when we open our mouths they expect better from us!! The way we respond or interact with them is a tale tale sign of what we really believe.

SO... my point? How much you love Jesus comes out of your mouth! Whether or not you choose (WE choose, let's make this VERY clear... I am sort of confessing here!) to be kind with your words will tell others whether or not you really love Jesus.

So I suppose I need to watch my tone, my words and my smart mouth a little closer. I have been convicted lately about how I speak to my Caroline and I know that if I am to point her to Jesus every day then I have to do better about my MOUTH!

Then there are those who are watching how I speak to my child. What does that say to THEM? I mean the license plate that I just paid taxes on IN the DMV says "Redeemer" on it. So when I am not kind and then drive away what message am I sending? I am a smart mouth Christian? Well, THAT'S going to bring LOTS of people to Jesus! (See! there I go again! ugg!)


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