My Protection Forever

Well, I wasn't going to blog about this, but after today I want to encourage anyone who might be fearful in the least! I do not want to, and will not, give the enemy any more attention than he already gets so that is my reason for not wanting to write it out, but I DO want to give My Father, my Protector and my Shield all honor and glory!

Yesterday I witnessed a robbery right next door. Four men drove up in a truck, two got out and one came to ring my doorbell to see if anyone was home. I did not go to the door, but I did look out of my window to see who it was. He did not see me. The other man went to another neighbor's door and knocked. No one was home.

Another man got out of the truck. The three of them went to my next door neighbor's house, kicked the front door in and they all put on white gloves. They went into the house and I called 911. I began to describe all that I saw... the white truck, the 3 men that were coming in and out of the house and the one man sitting in the truck as a look out. They never saw me.

They loaded big screen tv's, a lap top, a projector and other electronics into the back of the truck. I was yelling into the phone for them to get someone to our street NOW! These men were taking their time and they were working fairly slowly. The police were ALSO taking their time and the robbers got away!

I was SO angry! I was not afraid, but I was mad as I could be! It really bothered me that they got away with SO much stuff and they thought that no one was home at the surrounding houses during the day so they could come back!

When I got up to have my quiet time this morning I told God about my concerns. I prayed and looked into His Word for something that I could cling to all day. He gave me Psalm 37:28 "For the Lord loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. They will be protected forever..."

I got e-mails from sweet friends who said they were praying for us. It just feels incredible to have friends who love Him and us!

I was concerned about leaving our home today, but I had to take Caroline to school and I wanted to work out. I went to do those things and when I was on my way home I just prayed that I would not be fearful, but that the Lord would be my shield and my guard.

As I turned onto my street a couple (that I just love) was walking from our cul-de-sac. They flagged me down and said that they had heard what happened from a neighbor and that while I was gone they had come to pray over my home and my family!!!! They had prayer walked our area of the neighborhood and they were there to pray with me before I went back home!!

My very prayer was that the Lord would protect us and our home especially while we were away, and He sent this precious couple to stand in my driveway to pray while I was gone.

How BIG is our God!? He knows our fears and our concerns and He does things that are super natural to care for us! Not only did He protect me yesterday from the robbers, but He also protected me today... from fear!

"The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord; He is their stronghold in time of trouble. The Lord helps them and delivers them; He delivers them from the wicked and saves them, because they take refuge in Him." Psalm 37:39-40

Praise His Holy and matchless name! He IS our protection! He is our stronghold! He is our deliverer! He is our strong tower! He is forever faithful!

What ever situation you might be facing that might be fearful is no match for God! He is bigger than anything we face and He is able to rescue us! Give it to Him. Tell Him all of your fears and let Him be God in the situation! Pray! Trust fully that He will provide and praise Him! OH!! Praise His name forever and ever!!


Nicki said…
Oh my goodness.....that is crazy!!! I can't believe that happend to you, especially in the middle of the day! But obviously the Lord is protecting you BIG time!! I'm so glad you ok! Do you know if they caught the people yet? I'll be praying for you!
Emily said…
This is the 2nd middle-of-the-day robbery I've heard about in two days! I'm so glad you are okay. It sounds like God has given you wonderful neighbors.

(I had to get a new Google password, btw!)
Dionna said…
Wow. I hope God is giving you peace now and your aren't extra fearful. I never know whether to answer the door or ignore it when it's someone I don't know. I'm so glad you were kept safe.

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