Standing on Roots

Have you ever stood under a shade tree with shallow roots? The ground is knobby. The grass is not evenly spread and the earth is rough.

If you stand on roots for long your feet begin to hurt. You adjust, back and forth, trying to get comfortable. You are off balance and ever trying to find "normal" when it comes to standing.

Just this weekend we stood out side of an abortion clinic. We were there to pray for the lives of unborn babies and their mothers who might be thinking of taking the life of their child. As we stood there it was very unsettling. To think that a mom could end the life of her child for convenience sake made me cry. I was not there to condemn, and I did not want to judge. I was there to pray and ask the Lord to change hearts before grave mistakes were made. I wanted to ask Him to please show moms that other options are best and to seek forgiveness for our nation! I wanted to pray for the parents of teenagers and beg Him to help them hold their kids accountable for their actions.

The ground beneath us was full of roots. We stood near the road where cars sped by. I am sure, had I not known about the building, I would have sped by too, totally unaware of the travesties that take place inside.

My friend, Faith, commented that her back hurt when we walked away. My feet were killing me as I adjusted back and forth on the knobby ground. It was an extremely small price to pay when we thought of the prayers that might be answered on behalf of innocent children. To think about nurses that might help end the life of a human being instead of working to save their lives just made me hurt. Not my feet or my back, but my heart.

Our society will punish a criminal with double murder for killing a woman who is pregnant, but looks away when a doctor helps a mother kill her unborn child. Our society sees abortion as an answer to a mistake instead of the killing of a child that could one day be a doctor himself! We never know whether the life that was taken could have been a great artist, singer, composer, preacher or the next person to make major advances in medicine.

God has a plan for every child that He brings into existence! He never, ever makes mistakes and He has to be extremely saddened by the roots that we stand on! We are unsteady. We are easily swayed from right decisions when we make mistakes that will altar our lives and we take things into our own hands. We are eager to make ourselves comfortable again instead of withstanding the temporary pain never thinking that our choices will cause pain far into the future for ourselves and others.

Lord, may we stand on Your solid ground! May we seek You in our decisions and find rest in Your guidance. You never want us to kill! Lord forgive our nation for allowing such terrible things to happen to our children, YOUR children, Lord! Show us how to turn back to You! Help us to return to Your Word and Your will for our lives. Lord, forgive us! We are a nation far from You and we NEED You to intervene in our lives. Lord, protect the innocent and bring a saving knowledge of Jesus to the lives of those who are searching for peace.


Faith said…
My heart has been heavy for all those who enter the doors of that place. It was certainly a powerful and emotional time of prayer yesterday. We know that God hears our cries on behalf of those who cannot cry out for themselves. I am believing Him to do a mighty work at that center and all across our nation. God is able!

Glad we were there side by side, sista! Love you!
Valarie said…
Girl! Amazing stuff. You're right that we have NO place to judge these women - there but the grace of God go I - but we certainly have the place of power before the Throne lifting them to the Father! Call me next time!

I love ya girl.
Melissa said…
It is so sad to even know that places like this exist in our city. To think of the places that exist in our country that promote killing of the defenseless children makes me cringe! To know that politicians actually differ on this issue and that ANYONE would think it's appropriate is truly a sign that God is lifting His hand from our nation. It makes me concerned for our future! My sin is no better and I have no room to point fingers. All sin makes our Father weep, and yet it is the reason that He gave His Son so that we might not have to suffer the penalty of that sin. THANK YOU LORD!
Nicki said…
Wow.....this is amazing. Praise the Lord that you all stood in the gap and did this! What an amazing time and what an amazing testimony of God's ability to change this country! It just starts with one!!

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