The Storm

Last night there was a big storm at our house. The power flickered. The lightening flashed and the wind whipped rain all around. Caroline had already gone to bed, but soon after the 2nd or 3rd lightning crack she was up.

"Mom." she said quietly.
"Yes, honey. It's ok." I said.
"Can you keep me? Keep me with you?"
"Yes. Come here."
"Mom, just keep me until it stops."
"Ok, come here. Let's rock in the chair."

She comes down the stairs with hair in a mess all over her head! Carrying her baby that she has had since she was an infant and wearing sweet little purple pajamas. I pick her up and we sit in the chair with her facing me.

"Mom. How long will it last?"
"Well, until Jesus tells it to stop," I said.
"Like in the Bible?" she asked.
"What do you mean?" I was so curious about what she would say.
"He said, 'Peace, be still' and the storm stopped mama. That's what He will do with this storm too. He will say peace be still and it will stop."
"That's right," I said. " The disciples were scared too, but Jesus told the storm to stop and they were not afraid any more. You don't have to be afraid. He is with us."
We rocked for a few minutes. Her sweet head on my chest.
"I know. I think I will go to bed now. I love you mama."

Oh, to have that faith! I am convinced that THAT is the faith that Jesus spoke of in His Word.

Look at Matthew 18:1-4. Notice how the Lord speaks about those that will be great in His kingdom? It is through child like faith that we come to Him. Fully trusting that the storms in our lives are never too big for Him. Eager to go to sleep, resting in His arms, assured that He is in control and all He has to do is speak to that storm and it will cease.

I do know that there are storms going on in the lives of those that I love. There are storms in everyone's life at some time or another. We are His children, and in the same way that I was MORE aware of the dangers of the storm than Caroline, He is aware of the dangers that we face while facing our storms. I knew that trees were blowing all around that could have fallen. Lightening can cause a fire and rain can cause flooding, but Caroline knew that if I would "keep her" that she would be ok.

God's view of our storm is greater. He knows the repercussions and consequences better than we do. He is fully aware that the storms in our lives can cause us harm, but He keeps us. He wants us to come to Him and ask Him to hold us as we face the storm together.

Not long ago I heard Anne Graham Lotz speaking on the radio. She said of storms, "Whatever is hard, pray about it then rest. Bring it to the Father and then rest in knowing that He has it. If your children are causing you pain or your husband or wife is being difficult, pray and then rest. Look for His answer and rest. He is in control."

"He replied, "You of little faith, why are you so afraid?" Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the waves and it was completely calm." Matt. 8:26

Jesus, keep us in the storm. Be our comfort and our peace. Speak to the storms of our lives and help us to know that You are holding our lives in Your hands. Thank you that you are aware of the circumstances that we can not see. You are not surprised by the storms in our lives. Your words are sufficient to calm the waves and the winds that blow our way. Help us to rest in You and know that You have our best interest in mind. Help us to encourage others as they face their storm. Keep us mindful of Your purpose to make us holy, set apart, for Your purpose. We love you Jesus. Help us to love you more! Amen.


JenB said…
Just thanks.
Melissa said…
Just I love you.:)
Faith said…
Oh what a blessing to know that He is our Keeper. And how about the reminder in God Calling today to "have no fear". That's good stuff, sista, good stuff! Love ya girl!
Valarie said…
Thank you sweet girl. I KNOW you wrote that just for me, right?!


I love you!
Melissa said…
I DID write it just for you! I wrote it just for all of us. Each individual storm is blowing hard against the ones that I love and I am praying for you!! I am here to listen and pray girl!!
Love you!!

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