Finally! I have a chance to sit down for a while! It has been a crazy few days. Fun, but crazy!

I love Easter time! It is so much fun to be with our families and celebrate!! I love shopping for new dresses and getting things ready and, most of all, going to church! This year we went with my mom and dad to their church in Columbia and honey, that man did some shuckin'!

(Here in the south when someone is really preachin' people call it shuckin' corn! AND honey! Let me tell you! This man was doin' some shuckin'! It's a topic for a whole nother blawg!)

So on Saturday I wanted to get my nails done and get a pedicure so I had my mom drop me off at this place. You know... nail places are in every shopping center you pass. Well, I got my nails done and had my toes painted and I asked for a flower on my big toes. The flowers are fine, but look at the dots! What's up with the dots???

It's kind of hard to see in the photo, but there are dots coming off of the flower and I knew that if I asked her to remove the dots that I would be there for ANOTHER ever and I had already been there for one!! So with my green (very cute) peep toed pumps I had the dots. Whatever.

So here are me and Caroline once we were ready for church...

My friend Faith did the cutest monogram on her dress. She was being a STINKER when I tried to take her picture though. Oh my! What is a mom to do when the dress is being much cuter than the kid? Tell me!

I almost needed counseling.

She made this face EVERY single time I took it! My mom kept saying, "Aw! How sweet! How good!" I kept saying, "Are you kidding me? She is being a brat!" Happy Easter.

So we made it to church. Without killing anyone. That was good.

But my dad was taking these pictures. I kept saying (as you can see I am talking to him in this picture) "Zoom in dad. Don't worry about our feet, but zoom in and get a decent close up." By the time I fixed the camera for him and then got Caroline back with us my jacket was gaping and I was all frazzled.

There are 5 like this.

So we go into the service and it was GREAT! It was so packed that we had to sit on the front row. I didn't mind at all. And we later joked that my dad could NOT EVER dose off in church if they sat up there every week. I mean the pastor (who is new... and awesome!) starts off at the pulpit, but when he gets going he is down on the floor... right AT the front row! I mean, you can get some on ya!

Then we went to lunch. Caroline was doing a little better by this point.

She was finally smiling and looking at us. I think she was so exhausted from being at moms and she just was in a foul mood. Well, that's fine, but does it have to be on Easter?

She looked really pretty in her dress and white patten leather shoes!

We later drove to Grammy's here in Charlotte and when we got there no one was home. I love this picture of Caroline looking in their front door.

You know... to be honest... I was so caught up in the toe nail polish and the dress and the photos that it wasn't until I got to church and sat down that I totally realized that I was totally missing it. We could have gone to church in jeans and a t-shirt! The message is still the same! Jesus DIED for me! He rose again so that I could LIVE! No one's life is picture perfect and no one has it all together! It is because of Jesus that we even get to KNOW life and have abundant joy!

Pretty nails, a pretty dress and kickin' shoes... they are fun, but in the eternal scope of things... well, they will burn one day! Trash compared to the treasure of eternal life!

Thank you LORD that you see the heart and not the outer appearance of man! You are so amazing and I do not deserve the price that You paid for my soul!


Faith said…
The dress looks so cute on her!!
I am cracking up and can just hear you saying that stuff to your mom and dad! How funny! Ya'll are all a mess!
Glad ya'll had a good time, but also glad ya'll are back! Love ya!
Melissa said…
Girl, we were a sight. I did have fun, but all of the DRAMA with the pictures and the toes being all weird... it really was some trials and tribulations! :) I know... we are a mess. Glad to be back! Love you!
JenB said…
Y'all are cute even if it isn't close up. I need to get a look at those shoes though.
I think I'll come back here once the muscle relaxant has kicked in and we'll see what I write then. hehehe
Thanks so much for your help today. Love you.
Valarie said…
LOVE those pics! Liney sure looked sweet and her momma was "smokin"!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!

Thank you for being the hero today! Rescued Jen and rescued me all in a day's work!! ;-)

Love ya chickie and we MUST catch up soon!!!
Melissa said…
That's what friends are for! Keep smilin', keep shinin'.. knowing you can always count on me... for sure...

Now you can call the psychic friends network! hee hee!

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