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Hey guys!

I have never blogged about this before, but my friend Faith and I have a booth in a store in Mint Hill called Home Styles. We sell REALLY cute shoes. I have never uploaded much from the internet for this blawg so hang with me and I will see what I can show you! You can also go to Faith's blog at (She has a VERY cute blog and you can read the bird story too. oh my.) She is much more computer savvy and can make things look better than I can, but let's try!Well! I did it! We just got all of these cute shoes in in small, medium, medium large and large. BUT the green ones.. oh now! We got those in extra small and extra extra small so moms and their little girls could match! That, girls, is TOO cute! The black ones are a little dressier with a little heel and thinner ribbon, but STILL! Cuter than they need to be!

These with the jewels are super cute too and they are new for us this season. They are brown with turquoise beads and they are super comfy!

We also have aprons, key fobs, pottery, monogrammed buttons, frames, car monograms (that can go anywhere... candles, lamp shades, car windows, pottery, etc) and other cute items! You can also visit us at to shop if you would like! We would love to have you stop by the store or the website!


Faith said…
Check you out with your pictures and links...I'm so proud of you!
Melissa said…
Well, I know they need descriptions and all, but I was trying to learn on my own and had limited time! Thanks! I am trying. It just seems to take forever for me! :) Fun though!
Amy E. said…
I just love that you call this a "blawg." I can just hear you saying that!! :)
I'm probably gonna have to get those with the turquoise em! But since I already have one pair of brown oka b's, i might have to ask the hubby for a second!
Love the pic of Liney 'looking in' too...adorable!!

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