We Are Family

".... I got all my sistas with me!" Five ninth grade girls and two college leaders, Caroline and I have utterly confused my husband this morning. Bless his baby heart. He's just hanging on as the Disciple Now weekend is in full swing and seven girls have been assigned to us. Amazingly, we heard just a little chatter as they got settled into their pj's and set up house in the playroom, but after that... silence! They later told me that they had a late night session in their workbooks that was six pages long!! The Disciple Now folks aren't playin' this year!! Give those kids some BIBLE STUDY! Meat and potatoes, I'm thinkin'! Not just a little devotion before bed time!!

Our friend, Chad, is a group leader at someone else's home this weekend. I am so excited for our Sunday School class as they have stepped up to help feed the kids, drive them back and forth, support us financially and lead a group! The involvement of more than just the host home is giving our church the chance to be more hands on and get to meet kids that we may not otherwise be involved with. It is really a great idea and is helping the kids to see that while the host families care about their spiritual growth, there are others that might not be able to host that are praying and supporting them just as much.

Our girls have said several times to please thank our class for the support. They are realizing that the church DOES care and DOES want to see them grow into Godly men and women. It's not just the youth pastor or people with kids their age, but the CHURCH. We are a family of God and it is vital that we function as a family.

I remember when I was growing up in church that if I was talking or writing notes and my parents could not see... well, the others of the church could and they would call me out!! They did not care who's kid I was... I would not be disrespectful in God's house! They helped to raise me to respect God's Word, His house and His people because they cared enough to hold me accountable. They didn't just hold me accountable though... many years later after I graduated from High School and college then worked for four years and then met my husband... those same people traveled two hours to support me as I got married, had a baby, and they continue to love me through my mom and dad by asking about us. They are my church family and I have now been married for almost 12 years!

God calls us to love others. It is actually a privilege to have these girls in our home and to see the Lord do something new in their lives this weekend. To see Him work in the lives of others is so encouraging and it makes me want to know Him more. Hopefully, our church is making these kids feel loved and supported as they participate this weekend. Hopefully they are seeing that their church wants to see them flourish as young men and women of God.

Lord, I lift our youth to you. They face so many challenges and difficult choices these days. Please help them to see Your house as a place of refuge and love. Help our church body to reach out and support them so that they may know what unconditional love feels like. Work in their lives, Lord. Give us ears to hear them God. Help us to make the time to listen and not see them as kids without a voice. They have much to offer our society and our church body. Help us to come along side their parents in prayer and support. Thank you for giving us a church family, Lord. We love you! Amen.


Faith said…
I think that this was a powerful weekend for all those involved, and I have loved hearing little testimonies from different people of how God was working. I know that those girls came away from ya'lls house knowing that you loved them and are praying for them.
Now, catch up on your rest chicky!
Melissa said…
It was a fun weekend. I am so glad that the girls got to stay here, and yet we were talking last night that we wished we had said more!! It was our one chance to have all of them in one place and love on them. I know the Lord was working in all of it! We just never know what tomorrow will bring and you sometimes only get one chance to make sure that someone knows for sure that they are saved. Anyway, it was fun, but we are glad it's over! WHEW! :)

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