Thursday, January 29, 2009

The TV Reveal

We are some of the saddest people on the block ya’ll! We have not had a new TV in 13 years or so (my husband’s parents bought our old one for us before we got married) and we have had 6 channels for all of those years! We still don’t have cable but with HD you get lost more channels… like 12 or something. ANYWAY, you would think that with this new purchase that we are the only ones in the world with a flat screen, HD, TV who get 12 channels! AND it’s clear… like you don’t have a snowy, wiggly, jumpy picture! WHO KNEW!?!?

Even this morning our daughter came downstairs and said in a dreamy voice, “Oooo mom! We have a new TV. It’s so nice.” WE HAVE HAD IT FOR A WEEK PEOPLE! She says it every single cotton pickin’ morning! We are seriously the Beverly Hillbillies!

Ok! Since we are the only ones with this new  invention I thought I would share! We want you all to be included in our fanciness. Because the Beverly Hillbillies ARE fancy you know.

Here’s where we had our old dinosaur… 001

And (drum roll please!) here’s our new set up!002

Thrilling, isn’t it?? I still need to decorate around it because there’s lots more open space around it now! YAY! I get to shop!! I was excited about the little TV stand because we are leaning towards the French Country side of decorating and this fit in perfectly!

So since that big ol’ piece of furniture was PACKED full of old tapes, CD’s, stereo equipment and DVD’s we have had to figure out what to do with it all! So we unloaded it onto our dining room table (THAT was pretty!) and began to sort. We finally got it down to a manageable load and organized it so that it fits in our new little cabinet! YAY!

We also had to find a place for that big ol’ thing so we moved it into our office… which had a bookshelf in it that was JAM PACKED full of this…


As you can see… it’s still lookin’ like a yard sale. We still need to sort through all of this so that we can move it up to the playroom where the bookshelf has found a new home! It kind of feels like a new house in some ways so that has been fun. You know… just switching a room around can kind of make it feel a little more updated or just different! I like different! So these changes have really made our home seem new, and when it is all put away it will be even better!

So there you have it! The big reveal. The excitement is just more than you can take,isn’t it! Me too! Me too. Come on over! We will watch TV!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I Heart Faces Contest

This is pretty fun! I saw it on my friend Jennifer's blog and checked it out! This week's theme at this web site is "Joy!" and here's my entry.
This is my daughter at her 7th birthday party getting gifts from the grandparents! She could not have been more excited! You can even see one of her hands shaking in the picture! ha!
Friday, January 23, 2009

Lots of Random Things…Because That’s How I Roll These Days!

First, thank you for praying for my girl! You blawgy friends are just so sweet to leave comments and lift prayers for her. She did well today and we are awaiting the results that I will certainly share when we know more! She did pretty well considering the drama that surrounds a 7 year old being put to sleep and pulled away from her mama. A little upset tummy… you know how it goes. But she is in her bed sleeping now and in her words, “We don’t have to worry about THAT anymore!”

In other news.. we got a TV!!!!!! Oh, Praise Jesus! We did girls! We did!! The hunt is over and I know you are just thrilled beyond belief that we are finally in the 21st century!! I want to show you a picture but we need to get a stand for it. We are hoping that we can do that tomorrow and THEN! The big reveal. Are you on the edge of your seat? I knew you were. Just hang on! The anticipation is just killin’ ya, isn’t it??

So then I was wondering about praise music. I have worn out my Travis Cotrell CDs because I HEART him and his music… but alas I am in need of something new. You got any suggestions? Who are you diggin’ right now? LOVE me some Brooklyn Tab too and I wear it OUT! Who are you gettin’ your praise on with?

AND to continue the randomness… my sister-in-law is having a baby in about a month and we are doing a baby shower for her tomorrow. I am really excited to welcome her little one into our family and I will be an AUNT!! For the first time… an AUNT! I can’t believe it’s my time to spoil and love on a kid and then hand it back!! whoo hooooooo! I already got her a bib that says, “I love my Auntie!” for Christmas. It’s fun times around here people!

So… I guess that’s all the randomness I have for now. I know you are yawning with boredom. It’s ok. So am I. I am headed to bed now. Night, night my sweet blawgland friends. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snow Day and A Prayer Request




We are going for an MRI tomorrow to help us learn more about our girl and why she learns, relates and behaves the way that she does. She is a sweet, sweet girl and she is trying hard. We are so proud of her and the growth that we are seeing! We just know that she is still behind in lots of ways… developmentally(though that seems to be improving), socially (it’s a little better too), academically (things are coming along here in some ways, but she has a ways to go) and in her maturation. She really processes some things so slowly and yet we are seeing more and more growth… which is encouraging!

We don’t know if her sickness at birth (pneumonia and a floppy voice box that caused her to turn blue for a few seconds) has caused the problems that she’s experiencing and we are hoping that this MRI will give us more information about her and how she learns and functions.

Would you just say a little prayer that all will go smoothly (they are putting her to sleep) and that they will gain the information that they hope to gain so that we can help her further? She deals with a lot of anxiety when it comes to doctors, etc. (to the point of throwing up!) so we are praying that she will sense a calm like never before and that this will be just an uneventful event!

The Lord gave me a scripture on a prayer retreat that has become my go to verse! It’s Isaiah 54:13 and it says, “All your sons (daughters!) will be taught by the Lord, and great will be your children’s peace.” I have claimed that verse for her daily since the Lord gave it to me and I am claiming it for her tomorrow… that He will be her peace during this time.

Thank you for praying. If there is ever a time that I can lift YOU to the throne of our Heavenly Father please let me know. It would be an honor to go before Him on your behalf!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hey girls! Yesterday I got the BLAWGST LOSER up and I am eager to see who all participates! It's not the VERY first of the year so it's really hard to jump start ourselves, but this will show us just how determined we are, right? I actually wrote the post a while back but had to get Mr. Linky figured out and all... but now it's up so head to the next post and LET'S GET GOING!! WHOOO HOOOOOOOO!
Tuesday, January 13, 2009



Welcome to the Blawgest Loser!! I am so excited to introduce our exciting weight loss encouragement blawg!! Here’s how it’s going to work:

1) Log into Mr. Linky with your blog address.

2)Post a blog about your weight loss journey. NOW… hear me… You don’t have to be losing weight presently! Maybe you have lost weight in the past and your story might encourage others who are on this path! OR… maybe you have been working on your weight and you have found some amazing tricks that have worked for you and you want to share… OR maybe you are just starting and you want to use this to help you stay accountable to your goals. WHATEVER it is… this is totally for encouragement and fun!! I hope to have ladies finding encouragement that they can do this and that they are not walking this road alone!! Share your goals. Give ideas. Be encouraging and accountable. Share your successes and press on!

3) At the end of February we will have a GIVE AWAY! I have an idea of what the item will be, but I have to make sure that it’s going to work!! Just trust me!! IT WILL BE SUPER CUTE! SUPER FUN and YOU WILL WANT ONE!! I PROMISE!! SHHHHH!! JUST TRUST ME!!

4) HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE WHILE SEEKING TO IMPROVE YOURSELF!! Get out there and exercise, try new things, reach your goals and share them with others who are cheering you on!!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You Know What’s Funny?

It doesn’t matter who you talk to about weight or dieting… everyone has an opinion and it’s usually the same! WE ALL NEED TO BE MORE HEALTHY! And it seems that everyone is thinking about it!

Yesterday, for example, I had done SO good with my eating and decided that I would reward myself with a white hot chocolate while my daughter was in gymnastics. The little coffee shop smelled HEAVENLY and the owner had some YUM-O looking breads and desserts there in  her little case. I was SOO tempted to get the cranberry one, and I told her that I would have to stop at the hot chocolate because I was trying to eat better! Well, THAT my friends, opened up an entire conversation about her new walking routine and her decisions to be more active and to drink more water so that she too could be healthier and shed a few pounds. I think we became new best friends!

Then, today I got my hair cut with a new girl and she and I got on this cooking healthy conversation that lasted a good 20 minutes! She explained that she has fought weight issues for a long time and that she decided to cook healthier meals so that she would be able to keep it off!

OH! And I forgot to mention that on the way to get my hair done… I listened to a pastor preaching on the radio. He opened his sermon with a story about doing Weight Watchers!! He.. the pastor… counted points and went to meetings and lost weight… the congregation was laughing at him because he knew the point value of SO MANY FOODS! It was really incredible!

So… you know… maybe we can do this thing. Some of you left comments saying that you are right where I am (and others of you were so encouraging… thank you!)  so we need to realize that  we are not alone and that the Lord can help us do anything!! Especially if He addresses it in His Word!!

Let’s get those water bottles and drink away! EXERCISE girls and try to stay away from things that will add on the pounds! Let’s see what we can do!!

Maybe soon I will issue a weight loss challenge and we will keep up with who lost what! That would be some accountability and some fun to lose weight together in BLAWGVILLE!

Would YOU join in if we did it? We could call it “THE BLAWGEST LOSER!” AND maybe there could be a give away for the BLAWGEST LOSER! OH! OH! The ideas are just flooding my mind! WHOO HOO!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolution? I’m Not Too Sure…


Hey Blawgers! Have you made resolutions? I am not sure I am going to. It’s NOT like I can’t use a little more kindness towards others or a little more discipline to keep my house clean… I mean… who COULDN’T use some of THAT? (Well, my mother-in-law’s house is the cleanest thing ever! Even her friends are stumped in how she pulls it off… but that’s for another post!)

I guess if I made a resolution it would have to be to lose weight. Not work out more because (with the exception of the past month) I am usually pretty good about meeting some friends at the gym just after dropping of kids at school. SO that really isn’t the issue.


So, I guess there are a few reasons that I really need to lose about 50 pounds.

#1. I don’t really try very hard at all to be disciplined about what I eat. Just this morning in my quiet time (of course the Bible says something about this… TODAY! as I am contemplating it all) I read about taking care of my temple and being disciplined to take care of myself. It even mentioned that when we are unhealthy eaters it can affect us spiritually too because we just feel bad about ourselves when we put bad things in our bodies. Thing is… I did not feel too bad about that candy bar that I ate last night while watching a movie with my hubby. I just didn’t!!

Apparently I should.

#2. I come from a family that is overweight and who deal with high blood pressure and cholesterol. Even my younger brother is on blood pressure meds. And my dad has had 2 heart attacks in the past, and they were both when he was much younger. It’s not good. Now, I am not dealing with any of that per se… it’s just that I COULD… AND I am approaching 40.

#3. I am approaching 40.

#4. I would REALLY like to wear some of the cute clothes that many of my friends wear. Being bigger does have it’s drawbacks in this department… and in the department store!

#5. I think I would just really feel better about myself as a whole. I don’t think I have low self-esteem, but I do think that if I were a little more disciplined and a little less heavy I would just feel better. Don’t you?

#6. My dad has terrible knees and joint problems, and my knees tend to hurt too. I think if both of us lost the weight it would take a tremendous strain off of them and we would… AGAIN.. feel better.

There’s a recurring theme here.

I’m just sayin’.

So anyway… I got this thing from Weight Watchers and every time I talk to my doctor about my weight she recommends using WW because she says it’s most logical and it’s easy because you still eat foods that you enjoy. I know it’s true because I have walked this path before… several times unfortunately! I am definitely a yo-yo dieter!  I can lose it… and then gain it… all in a year’s time. It’s GOTTA be a lifestyle change!

Well, ya’ll give me some feedback. Are you where I am? Do you make a resolution to lose weight or do just gradually make changes in your life to help it be more of a lifestyle change? (Come on lurkers! CHIME IN!)

I do know one thing… SOMETHING’S gotta change! And I think it’s gotta be me!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

So We NEED a New TV, Apparently

Yes, we are the ones that those little scrolls across the bottom of the TV are talking to! We are the ones that Oprah (how did she land THAT gig?) and other underpaid (?) stars keep nagging about our out dated, “bless our hearts”, cable and dish deprived bunny eared televisions. I know it has been going on for MONTHS now because EVERY single time we see it we say, '”Yea, guess we need to get on that.” 


See how fuzzy that picture is? WELL, now you too are watching TV at my house! LUCKY you! Could you stand over there and hold that rabbit ear? It would make our TV viewing so much more enjoyable.

I know that my family feels sorry for us. My sister-in-law told us so. She said she’s worried about our little girl. (oh yea. ALL the dirt she’s missed over the last 7.5 years is really bothering me!)

Our friends will be DELIGHTED! As will our poor babysitters. Bless ‘em. They bring stuff to read.

SO today my hubby (who is the never ending researcher) brought home the Consumer Report TV buying guide! WOO HOO! Hopefully we will contribute to the end of the ads and little scrolly things going across the bottom of your screens telling those of us who are behind the times to COME ON NOW! Welcome to 2009 you old fogies!

I am sorry that you are having to endure the harassment… REALLY! I am.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to YA!

Happy, Happy New Year to ya! (do you know that birthday song??) Oh well… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

You know I have been thinking about what this new year will mean. Unfortunately… it’s sort of a serious time for our country!

I am praying that with our new President being sworn in in the near future that it will remind us to be praying for our country. 225px-Poster-sized_portrait_of_Barack_Obama_OrigRes

That as changes take place that affect every one of us that we will remember that the Lord is truly the one who allows things to happen and makes things happen for us. He is the one that we should follow and He is the one that we need to look for for REAL change in our nation. No one man can change this life… except the Man who died in our place.

I think it will mean that we trust the Lord more in the coming year. Not only for our nation but for our daily lives. Many are facing difficult financial times and struggling to make ends meet. It means that people will work harder to put food on the table and gas in their cars so they can go to a job that they PRAY that they will have tomorrow. Perhaps the Lord is calling us to realize that He is the source of our every need and He’s going to provide.

I also think this new year will be a time for us to draw together as churches, friends, families and loved ones and pray for one another. Perhaps it will be a time of remembering that we are here to love one another and support one another as we walk this road. 

It’s really a time to remember that God is who He says He is and that He’s commanded us to GO and share Him with everyone we see. It’s a real challenge for me to step outside of myself, but I fear that I have not been totally obedient to that call! What about you?