Happy New Year to YA!

Happy, Happy New Year to ya! (do you know that birthday song??) Oh well… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

You know I have been thinking about what this new year will mean. Unfortunately… it’s sort of a serious time for our country!

I am praying that with our new President being sworn in in the near future that it will remind us to be praying for our country. 225px-Poster-sized_portrait_of_Barack_Obama_OrigRes

That as changes take place that affect every one of us that we will remember that the Lord is truly the one who allows things to happen and makes things happen for us. He is the one that we should follow and He is the one that we need to look for for REAL change in our nation. No one man can change this life… except the Man who died in our place.

I think it will mean that we trust the Lord more in the coming year. Not only for our nation but for our daily lives. Many are facing difficult financial times and struggling to make ends meet. It means that people will work harder to put food on the table and gas in their cars so they can go to a job that they PRAY that they will have tomorrow. Perhaps the Lord is calling us to realize that He is the source of our every need and He’s going to provide.

I also think this new year will be a time for us to draw together as churches, friends, families and loved ones and pray for one another. Perhaps it will be a time of remembering that we are here to love one another and support one another as we walk this road. 

It’s really a time to remember that God is who He says He is and that He’s commanded us to GO and share Him with everyone we see. It’s a real challenge for me to step outside of myself, but I fear that I have not been totally obedient to that call! What about you?


Rebecca Jo said…
Amen! God is still in control of EVERYTHING!

Happy new Year!!!
Heather said…
What a good challenge! Here's hoping 2009 finds us all following Him, even if it's outside our comfort zones!
MiMi said…
It is a serious time for our country, but thank the Lord that we know WHO's in control of everything!

Praying God's blessings on you and your family in 2009!
Belle-ah said…
I should tell you that after I read your posts I come away wishing we were neighbors because I think I would be so blessed with you as a friend!

Happy New Year, wishing the best for you and yours!

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