So We NEED a New TV, Apparently

Yes, we are the ones that those little scrolls across the bottom of the TV are talking to! We are the ones that Oprah (how did she land THAT gig?) and other underpaid (?) stars keep nagging about our out dated, “bless our hearts”, cable and dish deprived bunny eared televisions. I know it has been going on for MONTHS now because EVERY single time we see it we say, '”Yea, guess we need to get on that.” 


See how fuzzy that picture is? WELL, now you too are watching TV at my house! LUCKY you! Could you stand over there and hold that rabbit ear? It would make our TV viewing so much more enjoyable.

I know that my family feels sorry for us. My sister-in-law told us so. She said she’s worried about our little girl. (oh yea. ALL the dirt she’s missed over the last 7.5 years is really bothering me!)

Our friends will be DELIGHTED! As will our poor babysitters. Bless ‘em. They bring stuff to read.

SO today my hubby (who is the never ending researcher) brought home the Consumer Report TV buying guide! WOO HOO! Hopefully we will contribute to the end of the ads and little scrolly things going across the bottom of your screens telling those of us who are behind the times to COME ON NOW! Welcome to 2009 you old fogies!

I am sorry that you are having to endure the harassment… REALLY! I am.


JenB said…
Well, thank goodness!
I like the new header. I have the box behind mine too. It's the template we use. It isn't that noticeable.
Kim said…

We need a new one too - but I am mourning the fact that we will also have to buy a new corner cabinet for flat screens instead of using my beloved entertainment cabinet - which will require me to repurpose it for linen have the easy job picking out the is the woman of the house that has the toughest job figuring out how to rework it into the design of the room.

Hope you had a great Christmas break!

Faith said…
If I know Steve at all you will have the highest rated, best valued tv on the market. Won't that be so nice?!?! Can't wait to come check it all out!
MiMi said…
I am sure that Steve will decide on the best one on the market for the money. I went with my son a couple of weeks ago to buy a new TV and could not believe how much they have come down in price over the last couple of years. Unbelievable! (And he even negotiated the price for less than the asking price!)

So, see...think of all the money you're gonna save by having waited this long!
Hollie said…
that is hilarious!
growing up we had a wood paneled TV that we would have to bang on the side of it every so often to get it to work. I used to worry and pray, "Please don't let it happen when 'so and so' are over visiting." so don't worry, i feel ya with the TV situations!
Heather said…
I wondered who those ads were for!!! ha! Enjoy the new TV...don't know if you watch...but you're just in time for "Idol!"

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