The TV Reveal

We are some of the saddest people on the block ya’ll! We have not had a new TV in 13 years or so (my husband’s parents bought our old one for us before we got married) and we have had 6 channels for all of those years! We still don’t have cable but with HD you get lost more channels… like 12 or something. ANYWAY, you would think that with this new purchase that we are the only ones in the world with a flat screen, HD, TV who get 12 channels! AND it’s clear… like you don’t have a snowy, wiggly, jumpy picture! WHO KNEW!?!?

Even this morning our daughter came downstairs and said in a dreamy voice, “Oooo mom! We have a new TV. It’s so nice.” WE HAVE HAD IT FOR A WEEK PEOPLE! She says it every single cotton pickin’ morning! We are seriously the Beverly Hillbillies!

Ok! Since we are the only ones with this new  invention I thought I would share! We want you all to be included in our fanciness. Because the Beverly Hillbillies ARE fancy you know.

Here’s where we had our old dinosaur… 001

And (drum roll please!) here’s our new set up!002

Thrilling, isn’t it?? I still need to decorate around it because there’s lots more open space around it now! YAY! I get to shop!! I was excited about the little TV stand because we are leaning towards the French Country side of decorating and this fit in perfectly!

So since that big ol’ piece of furniture was PACKED full of old tapes, CD’s, stereo equipment and DVD’s we have had to figure out what to do with it all! So we unloaded it onto our dining room table (THAT was pretty!) and began to sort. We finally got it down to a manageable load and organized it so that it fits in our new little cabinet! YAY!

We also had to find a place for that big ol’ thing so we moved it into our office… which had a bookshelf in it that was JAM PACKED full of this…


As you can see… it’s still lookin’ like a yard sale. We still need to sort through all of this so that we can move it up to the playroom where the bookshelf has found a new home! It kind of feels like a new house in some ways so that has been fun. You know… just switching a room around can kind of make it feel a little more updated or just different! I like different! So these changes have really made our home seem new, and when it is all put away it will be even better!

So there you have it! The big reveal. The excitement is just more than you can take,isn’t it! Me too! Me too. Come on over! We will watch TV!


Carol said…
Oh my, how bea-u-teee-ful!! Yes, I know how to spell beautiful, but I just had to drag it out to stress my exitement for you. I absolutely love the new cabinet and what a fabulous tv! I like the old cabinet, too actually.

You'll have to post pictures of the new things you get to help decorate the space.

Your daughter is so cute with her daily affirmations of the tv. Bless her heart.
Rebecca Jo said…
Fun!! I like your TV stand... its beautiful! But yeah, first thing I thought seeing your first picture - I bet that stores alot though! Like where you can store & shut the door so no one can see the mess.... have fun shopping & organizing!
Faith said…
LOVE it!!The stand is very "you" and fits in perfectly with the rest of your decor! Yay for no more bunny ears and a clear, static free picture!!!
Bella said…
Girl, I can totally relate! We are still in the dark ages around here. Actually, a couple of years ago DH and I got wild one night at the Walmart and popped for a new TV (regular letters or flat screen) for our bedroom! Yes, our bedroom! We had never had a TV in the bedroom...please don't even begin to think about the relational issues here! LOL Congrats on your new high tech gadget!
Heather said…
You are so, so funny! Congrats on the new looks GREAT!
Hollie said…
wow, i'm very happy for your fam! Ya'll deserved it!!! No question!

getting organized is an ongoing battle around my's never completely done!

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