I Heart Faces Contest

This is pretty fun! I saw it on my friend Jennifer's blog and checked it out! This week's theme at this web site is "Joy!" and here's my entry.
This is my daughter at her 7th birthday party getting gifts from the grandparents! She could not have been more excited! You can even see one of her hands shaking in the picture! ha!


oh yes.....so joyful. :) cute!
Heather said…
VERY joyful and adorable!
theArthurClan said…
I love how excited kids can get at their birthdays. :) She is absolutely full of joy!

co-founder of I ♥ Faces
JenB said…
I definitely see joy! Sweet girl.
Sharon (sk) said…
That is so sweet! Great shot :)
Boybarian Dad said…
she is full of lots of joy.
I can see her joy and it is beautiful : ). Scrunched up noses are SO cute!
Randi said…
Nice photo! Birthday pictures are so fun. :)
Faith said…
That is a face full of joy if I've ever seen one! Love her!!
Great job! I love it....it certainly fits the joy theme. She is too cute!

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