Resolution? I’m Not Too Sure…


Hey Blawgers! Have you made resolutions? I am not sure I am going to. It’s NOT like I can’t use a little more kindness towards others or a little more discipline to keep my house clean… I mean… who COULDN’T use some of THAT? (Well, my mother-in-law’s house is the cleanest thing ever! Even her friends are stumped in how she pulls it off… but that’s for another post!)

I guess if I made a resolution it would have to be to lose weight. Not work out more because (with the exception of the past month) I am usually pretty good about meeting some friends at the gym just after dropping of kids at school. SO that really isn’t the issue.


So, I guess there are a few reasons that I really need to lose about 50 pounds.

#1. I don’t really try very hard at all to be disciplined about what I eat. Just this morning in my quiet time (of course the Bible says something about this… TODAY! as I am contemplating it all) I read about taking care of my temple and being disciplined to take care of myself. It even mentioned that when we are unhealthy eaters it can affect us spiritually too because we just feel bad about ourselves when we put bad things in our bodies. Thing is… I did not feel too bad about that candy bar that I ate last night while watching a movie with my hubby. I just didn’t!!

Apparently I should.

#2. I come from a family that is overweight and who deal with high blood pressure and cholesterol. Even my younger brother is on blood pressure meds. And my dad has had 2 heart attacks in the past, and they were both when he was much younger. It’s not good. Now, I am not dealing with any of that per se… it’s just that I COULD… AND I am approaching 40.

#3. I am approaching 40.

#4. I would REALLY like to wear some of the cute clothes that many of my friends wear. Being bigger does have it’s drawbacks in this department… and in the department store!

#5. I think I would just really feel better about myself as a whole. I don’t think I have low self-esteem, but I do think that if I were a little more disciplined and a little less heavy I would just feel better. Don’t you?

#6. My dad has terrible knees and joint problems, and my knees tend to hurt too. I think if both of us lost the weight it would take a tremendous strain off of them and we would… AGAIN.. feel better.

There’s a recurring theme here.

I’m just sayin’.

So anyway… I got this thing from Weight Watchers and every time I talk to my doctor about my weight she recommends using WW because she says it’s most logical and it’s easy because you still eat foods that you enjoy. I know it’s true because I have walked this path before… several times unfortunately! I am definitely a yo-yo dieter!  I can lose it… and then gain it… all in a year’s time. It’s GOTTA be a lifestyle change!

Well, ya’ll give me some feedback. Are you where I am? Do you make a resolution to lose weight or do just gradually make changes in your life to help it be more of a lifestyle change? (Come on lurkers! CHIME IN!)

I do know one thing… SOMETHING’S gotta change! And I think it’s gotta be me!!


Melissa said…
This one's from my hubby...shh... don't tell him he's on my BLOG! Oh goodness!

"Once we have eaten all the candy and cookies we have, let’s not buy anymore for awhile.

Let’s eat meals together (including “Sweet Toofer ‘Liney”) based on home-cooked veggies, fruit, salads (bagged) with grilled chicken (or fish like tilapia) on top. The possibilities are endless. Everything I order when we eat out is always loaded with unhealthy stuff, such as the “loaded” smokehouse burger with the “loaded” mashed potatoes yesterday.

I need to start exercising myself; but the healthier meals would be great too."

He's SOO right!
Rebecca Jo said…
I'm with you for sure!!! I lost 65 lbs when I got married .... & have since gained it ALL back.. sigh! So I'm determined to get it off this year... hence the mini-marathon I'm training for. I too have knee & joint problems that are just making me mad & know that weight coming off will help!!! We can do it!!!
JenB said…
Good for you. When I read this, I was thinking about Steve's loaded potatoes yesterday--haha! How many points was THAT? I'll try to be an encourager when we eat together. We all need to be eating better. As I drink my Dr. Pepper.....
amy said…
oh i am so there. i've started planning meals from all my cooking light recipe books...great meals that are low in calories and fat. on top of that, i've considered joining ww they still meet at the church? i didn't like that group. hmm. well, just know i'm right there beside you...and am willing to be a ww buddy again (a better ww buddy) if you want. :)
the alleys said…
okay, sorry to post twice but something funky happened when i posted earlier...i don't think it connected that it's me, your friend...amy my comment.
Anonymous said…
ww is so great I did it before I had Kyle and lost over 25 lbs would love to do it again but money and time seems to stand in my way, I have tried it on my own but it is not the same as going to the meetings and having someone look at whether you gained or lost.
Melissa H.
Faith said…
I know you can do it! Go Melissa, go Melissa, go go go Melissa!! I agree, we all need to be eating better!
The Browns said…
Oh girl, I totally relate to you. And, your #1 made me laugh so hard! I started Weight Watchers AGAIN today. I'm trying to get my hubby to do it with me. We both have really packed on the pounds since we met. I have done Weight Watchers before. I have all the stuff, but I don't go to meetings. I want to join a gym - I'm just not sure if I'll get my money's (or is it "monies", blah!) worth out of it. I found this link today & maybe it can help you:

It had some interesting info. Well, I just wanted you to know your not alone & being overweight runs in my family too. I'm already taking Metformin, which is a medication for diabetics. I'm taking it for fertility issues though. But, I have a much higher chance of becoming a diabetic. I look at pictures of me & how I used to look...oh, how I want to feel that way again!
Keep me posted on how your doing.
Bonnie :)
Leigh Ann said…
I'm with you, sista! I'm on a mission. We've started working out and eating better and I already feel better (haven't lost a pound yet but trying not to focus on that). I have done WW before and it DOES work. I lost 20 lbs. on it from Jan-April last year and then put most of it back on. It's going to have to be an entire lifestyle change for me.
MiMi said…
I am not a resolution-maker, but I am right there with you about the weight loss. I lost about 35 pounds on WW after Faith's wedding and WW definitely works! I have 2 co-workers that have just started back on it and I cannot believe how much the program has changed since I used it. If we lived close to each other, I would DEFINITELY go to the WW meetings with you.

The other thing that has worked well for me is South Beach. Both of these plans just seem to make sense and are not that difficult to stick with.

Good luck and I know you can do it!

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