Welcome to the Blawgest Loser!! I am so excited to introduce our exciting weight loss encouragement blawg!! Here’s how it’s going to work:

1) Log into Mr. Linky with your blog address.

2)Post a blog about your weight loss journey. NOW… hear me… You don’t have to be losing weight presently! Maybe you have lost weight in the past and your story might encourage others who are on this path! OR… maybe you have been working on your weight and you have found some amazing tricks that have worked for you and you want to share… OR maybe you are just starting and you want to use this to help you stay accountable to your goals. WHATEVER it is… this is totally for encouragement and fun!! I hope to have ladies finding encouragement that they can do this and that they are not walking this road alone!! Share your goals. Give ideas. Be encouraging and accountable. Share your successes and press on!

3) At the end of February we will have a GIVE AWAY! I have an idea of what the item will be, but I have to make sure that it’s going to work!! Just trust me!! IT WILL BE SUPER CUTE! SUPER FUN and YOU WILL WANT ONE!! I PROMISE!! SHHHHH!! JUST TRUST ME!!

4) HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE WHILE SEEKING TO IMPROVE YOURSELF!! Get out there and exercise, try new things, reach your goals and share them with others who are cheering you on!!



beckyjomama said…
I am bookmarking you right now - found you through the I heart faces contest and am sooooo intrigued by your blog! I too have a girl with some delays that we are trying to pinpoint. She is four ... long story...
Any way, I NEED to get back on the weight loss train. So, I will be back to check this out!

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