An Answer to Prayer!


Just one day before this picture was taken this little girl made the biggest and best decision of her life!

After a terrible day of getting in trouble for bad choices and attitudes she became more aware than ever that she is, indeed, a sinner in need of a Savior!

After reading a story in her little girl's Bible she came to me and said, "Mom, this says 'Do you make bad choices?' and I do."


We talked and cried and talked some more and she



What a glorious and exciting day for our family!

God is at work and we are praising Him daily for His grace and mercy! Rejoice with me and please say a prayer for her growth in the Lord. He is able to make her dreams come true!!


Rebecca Jo said…
Oh my gosh... that is the best news! So sweet to see your child follow in the steps of Jesus... & to start that at an early age in invaluable!

Give Congrats to my Sister in Christ! :)
Jacquie said…
That's one of the happiest days of a momma's life!!! How precious!
Anonymous said…
Way to go little one!!! This is a happiness beyond words! Looking forward to her baptism, make sure Ashleigh and I know when her special Sunday is. Lots of love!
Faith said…
This still just blesses my heart every time I think about it! Love, love, love her!!!
Kat said…
Tears in my eyes! What a wonderful day indeed! Sweet, sweet, little Miss C.!!!
JenB said…
Oh how wonderful!!! Tell her we are so excited about this most important decision in her life! We love you, Caroline!
Mandy said…
I am so thrilled! This is the best news I've heard all day. Rejoicing with you!!!

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