"BUT! I Can't!!!"

It seems that almost every time I ask my girl to do something new, before she even tries it she says, " BUT! I CAN'T!!!"

HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T!?!? You've never tried!!!! Oh, it makes me so mad to hear her say that! YOU GOTTA TRY for PETE'S SAKE!

Before I go on any further I am just going to warn you... this is going to be a rant. Yes, I am going to admit that I am just about sick of something and I might step on some toes... even my own.

You know what I am REALLY sick of? I mean SICK TO DEATH!??! I am so sick of Christians (myself included) hearing God tell us to do something and before we even take a step in the direction of obedience we say (in our best whiney baby voice)" BUT GOD! I can't!!!!!!!!!!!" and we stomp our feet.

Oh. My. Word. What a bunch of spoiled rotten brats.

You know, as her mom, I really try NOT to ask Caroline to do things where I know she will ultimately fail . I try to encourage her to do things that I think she can handle and that she might find some sort of confidence in. I do not ask her to do things that are unreasonable, but I try to help her find new things in which she might succeed.

So, in my finite little pea brain I do this with my own child.


You know, when I ask her to do something new I usually stand right there just to make sure she's got it. I hold out a hand or I offer direction.

Do we think He was  kidding when He said "I will never leave you or forsake you!? Hebrews 13:5b

OR what about when He said, "The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid, What can man do to me?" in the very next verse?!?!

I am really not sure why we are scared. He calls us to do things like love others. Is that really so hard? I mean, I realize that not everyone is easy to love, but we can't be responsible for what THEY do. We are responsible for what WE do.

Right now there are people hurting out there. There are people who need to be discipled and encouraged. There are people who are hungry (both physically and spiritually) and here we sit! (Ok, I don't really sit. I am busy... but am I busy being obedient, or am I busy being... well... busy!?)

Anymore, I don't think "I can't" is an acceptable response from me. I also think that I have been involved in things that have kept me busy but they are not things that God has truly called me to. Some tough decisions may need to be made about how I spend my time. 

I do not believe that God is calling me to be some huge success story in His kingdom. As a matter of fact He calls us to be servants. He came as a servant and He calls to nothing more and nothing less.

He does not want me to be so involved with my own growth that I miss the opportunity to help someone else come along in their walk too.

Ok, time to come down from the soap box. I just know that a change is coming. No more excuses. No more insecurities. God is God and I am not and it's not up to me to decide whether or not "I CAN!" If He says to do it... well, He's the Daddy. I think my response should be, "Yes, sir." and my butt should get in gear.

It's what I expect in my own house. How much more does God expect it of me?


Rebecca Jo said…
Preach it Sister!!! Fantastic soap-boxing there! :)
It makes me want to stand up & scream "I CAN DO IT"... I need some Rocky theme music playing!!! :)
Bella Michelle said…
Such great insights!!!! I love your soapbox!

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