A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That!

Lots of things are going on around here. Some I'm THRILLED about and some are just day to day things. Either way... here's the short and long of it:

1) We took Caroline to the Developmental Pediatrician where he confirmed that she has a cognitive developmental delay. We were given this diagnosis about a year ago through her psychological testing so it didn't have quite the disappointing affect as it did when they first told us. THANK THE LORD! It basically means that (if we lived this scenario with her 20 years ago) she has the label of mild mental retardation. (It makes my heart squeeeeeze really tight to say that.)

The coolest thing the doctor said was, "Even though the testing shows this diagnosis, the last chapter of her life has not be written! She reads on a 2nd grade level. Many people with this diagnosis make it to, maybe, the 5th grade level so she's half way there. She is very social and outgoing and that will work in her favor. Let her strengths compensate for her weaknesses and let's just see what happens! Keep working and trying as hard as you can. You are doing a good job with her!"

We are going to start speech therapy this fall to help her with some social skills and written and expressive language. While she is social she sometimes can be inappropriate in her socialization so we are going to hit that area hard this year.

It was really an answer to prayer to be able to see this doctor before school started. God is STILL in control and He's going to work in and through this situation. We are just hanging on!

We also have a new special needs teacher this school year who seems to love her. I am excited because she is very talkative and is already keeping me up to date on things really well. Hopefully, this will be the BEST YEAR YET!!

2) I got a JOB! Can you believe it?!?! Me either!!

The pre-school at our church needed a music person and they called me. ME! I have to admit that when I taught school I loved working with the big kids (high school) and working with the little ones were my toughest years. (I know.. it's a little warped to some people) The great thing is that it's part time and it's MUSIC! We are going to march and dance and play drums and be loud and sing, sing, sing! I'm sure I will have my days... stay tuned.... there will be plenty of opportunities to blawg I'm sure!

3) A few weeks ago, while talking to Caroline's OT, we started talking about things that are needed in the special needs community and how we could possibly meet some of those needs. She told me about a family that had a son with severe disabilities who is around 8-9 years old and he has limited muscle control in his mouth so he drools. She said that the boy has an older brother who wears sports stuff all the time and she wanted to find someone who could make some sort of bib that would be more fitting for an older kid... maybe something with sports teams on it. She said that so often people just use dish towels or bandanas to help with this issue, but she wanted him to look nice and more like his brother.

Well, I have limited sewing ability but I can sew... a little. I set out to find some fabrics that would best suit older kids... cute florals, polka dots and checks for girls and sports fabrics for boys.  I am in the process of making a few bibs just to see if families might be interested and... well, who knows?? It might be a little side business for me and it might help some families that want to have more dignity for their handicapped children. I'll have to share my findings as we go!!

4) A while back I wrote a post about receiving a desk ("DEST") from a friend and I had plans to paint it and make it all shabby-like! Remember? Well, tonight we were putting the new cute drawer pulls on it so it's ALMOST DONE!! I can't wait to show it to you!! SUCH CUTENESS awaits! That REDECORATING thing is slowly but surely coming along! So much to show you!!

4)God is just really working in me in some different and wonderful ways. He's making my heart more tender towards things. He's making me more aware of decisions that I make and prayers that I pray. He's just so amazingly tangible to me right now and I am so thankful to have Him so close. I am seeing Him at work around me in different people and situations and it's just exciting! Praise the LORD!

Well, I guess that's it for now. I suppose I have some updates coming soon considering all that I have awaiting me... a new therapy for my girl, a new job and some new decorating ideas! Can't wait to share... so stick around! :)


JenB said…
Very cool about the job! You'll be great at it, of course!

So glad you like the new special ed teacher. What a blessing. And of course she loves C---who doesn't??

Know you already know about our adoption news, but would love to tell you about it sometime!
Traci said…
looking forward to having you teach my baby boy this year. you'll be amazing - and i know this from experience :)
Faith said…
That's so exciting and perfect for you! I can totally see you loving that. I'm so thankful the Lord opened that door for you.

I've been wondering what was going on with the bibs - keep us posted!

And, I'm so glad you were able to get in with that doctor so quickly! I'm praying this will be a fabulous year for Liney and that she would just flourish!

Lots of love!

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