Your Mama Heart

A few months ago I had a lady approach me about a concern that she had for her youngest child. "I know you are a special educator," she said, "and I know your child has some special needs. I just need to ask you a question. If you think things are going on with your child and you ask your doctor and the teacher if they agree, and they say 'Well, kind of' don't you think you should pursue finding out more? My mom thinks I am over reacting, but I see things here! I am concerned."

My response: "Honey, YOUR MAMA heart knows. Your heart knows your child and the Lord is going to use you to take care of that child. Do not listen to anyone else. Your mama heart sees a red flag and you need to follow it! The Lord is working in you to show you what needs to be done. Listen!"

As moms each one of us have a God given sixth sense about our children. In our heart of hearts we know when something isn't right. We also know when a decision is good for our children and we roll things over in our minds a million times as we face new obstacles and  make new choices that affect them.

Soon I will take Caroline to a Developmental Pediatrician. It is going to take a while to get in with him, but I understand it's worth the wait. In all that we have done with her (academic testing, psychological testing, occupational therapy, vision therapy, sought out more support in school, etc.) I have handled her caseload. Up until now, my mama heart has prayed and  has seemed to sense that the decisions that we've made were good. Now that she's older... well, let's just say it's getting harder.

Last year we received a "diagnosis" that claimed Caroline to be moderately developmentally delayed. Her IQ score was very low and she has some scores that show her functioning at a high 4 year old to 5 year old range. While my mama heart knows that she is not as mature as a typical 9 year old and while I realize that she can not do the work that a typical 9 year old should be able to do, I will not settle with the idea that she may NEVER be able to learn certain things. My mama heart will just not allow me to accept things as they are and never expect her to try or develop into all that she can be.

Being realistic while having expectations that cause our children to strive to be more is what a mama does. We can not allow others, with their opinions and concerns, to stifle us as moms or our kids.

Perhaps your mama heart is telling you that you need to help your child take a new step forward. Maybe all odds are against that child, but you believe that he or she CAN do it regardless of what others believe.

Or maybe you realize that something is not quite right and you believe that other opinions might help your child move out of a hard spot and into a better place. Perhaps professional help in some way is what is needed and you KNOW that it could make a difference.

Please let me encourage you... follow your mama heart. God put that sixth sense in you for a reason and He can use it to spur growth and change in your child like no other.

We are their strongest advocates and we know them like no one else does. Do not be afraid to confront a problem head on and deal with it for them. Certain behaviors and issues that they face may need more than you have to offer so don't be afraid to seek out help so that they might conquer those issues. Do not be afraid to push them just a little harder to help them attain goals that they never thought possible.

Children need their parents. They are growing every single day and it is up to us to take that growth and help it have purpose and live to it's fullest potential.It is a daunting task, but  don't worry... your mama heart, through the direction of the Holy Spirit, will show you how.


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