Higher Call

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll! Can you believe it's here? I SERIOUSLY can not. It just seems like fall has completely flown by and I have some how missed it! How does that happen!? I suppose with the busyness of school and work and everything else I just wake up one morning and it's Thanksgiving week!

Thanksgiving makes me all serious minded and reminiscent for some reason. I think I'm like my dad. At Christmas he always cries and thinks about his own parents and his life as a kid. He talks about how he misses those days and how he wishes that he had done some things differently. He can be seriously sentimental and he can make this kid of his tear up in a second! COME ON DAD!

The thing about Thanksgiving for me is that it somehow makes me think about the Higher Call that God has placed on my life. As a wife and mom I realize that I am so thankful for the man and baby girl that God has given me, but with that comes great responsibility to live my life more for Him. I have little eyes watching my every step and a husband that needs to know that he is loved and respected above all else in my home.

I am currently reading the book of Ezekiel for my Quiet Time and God has directly spoken to me through this verse: "Son of man, I have appointed you a watchman over the house of Israel..." (Ezekiel 3:17) Now I know that Ezekiel's responsibility was certainly different than mine, but it's that underlined part that keeps screaming at ME! " I have appointed YOU a watchman over the house..." It's totally out of context, but I don't think that God is calling my attention back to that phrase by accident.

As a part of the higher call that He is placing in my life I truly believe that it is my job to watch all that enters into my home. That includes MY OWN ATTITUDE AND MOUTH! It's funny how I can pick up on other attitudes that are not honoring God and other words that might be tearing others down, but my own? Uh, not so much. Man, do I have a lot of learning and growing to do.

This Thanksgiving we will probably spend our family time at the rehab hospital where my brother is currently recovering from a spinal cord injury. They say that the bulging discs have caused significant swelling around the cord and that he will need time to recover and get back on  his feet.

Not too long ago I told my husband, " You know, I wish we could do something different for Thanksgiving. Every year we just eat and lay around watching football and parades. It seems so self-indulgent." WELL, I guess God heard and He's fixin' that little situation! Unfortunately my brother won't be able to be home, but I am actually a little excited that maybe our family will be able to minister to those who might not have family there to be with them for this Thanksgiving Season! You just never know what God has in store for you as you walk through a little valley.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! What is the Higher Call that you are sensing God placing in your life? If you blawg about it... let me know!


Melissa...sending you and your family Happy Thanksgiving Day wishes!

Cindy said…
I like your question.

I find it interesting that while Beth was growing up, I didn't get too involved in special needs. Beth was involved in activities, but they didn't involve around Special Olympics or anything to do with Down Syndrome, i.e. Buddy Walk, etc.

Now that Beth is older, I feel the Lord is directing me to special needs ministry. I'm blogging about it, (we didn't have computers when Beth was born), we teach a Sunday school class for kids with special needs and He's speaking to me about adults with special needs.

Sometimes God works in mysterious ways! :)

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