Thankfulness- Day 10 on the 13th~


Today I am thankful for the special needs ministry at our church.

I love, love, love seeing these sweet faces come to church each week with so much love and joy in their hearts. 023 

We are so blessed to have a church that is ready and willing to open their doors to kids, and parents of kids, with varying degrees of abilities. We also have a class for adults and it is such a neat thing to see their class work each week.

The teachers love the students so much and they are always willing to do whatever they can to see them learn about Jesus.


We have a lesson each week that is designed to help every student hear a story from the Bible and we do activities that reinforce the Bible story.. just like any other Sunday school class.


Who says that every class at church needs to be just like every other class? We ALL need a place and we all have a place in the body of Christ.


Faith said…
That's a lot of precious in that post. So sweet!
Cindy said…
What church do you go to? Chuck and I teach a special needs Sunday school class at our church and we're always looking for new ideas.

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