Thankfulness Day 6

Today I am just thankful that it's the weekend! This has been a very busy and emotional week with my brother's need for care and my inability to be with my family. (By the way, he does not have a brain injury. He has a large bulging disc that they will be looking at more closely very soon. PRAISE THE LORD it's not his brain! Thanks for praying!)

On top of my heavy heart our church had a Home for the Holidays event and these girls were asked to sing!


It was very busy, but a lot of fun and was a good distraction for me since I couldn't travel to be with my family.

I love being a part of a group that worships and sings together! Their friendship has been just a wonderful benefit of being part of such group. Each girl's unique walk with the Lord blesses me every time we are together!

Have a great weekend! I love making myself sit down and think about what I am thankful for! What are YOU thankful for??


Kat said…
I am thankful for YOU, sweet friend and your beautiful testimony. You are a joy to all who have the pleasure of knowing you! xo
Traci said…
One Voice is the answer to prayer and a dream I've had since high school. Sharing it with you is just the cherry on top!

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