Thankfulness- Day 2

Today I am thankful for the girls that God is growing in our Sunday School class.


Lately we have truly seen God bring some wonderful new friends to our class. One of the things that I love about us is that we are a very diverse group. God has used different life situations and experiences to help each person see that they are truly not alone and that He can, and will, use us if we just open our hands and allow Him to do that.

For example, I have shared many times about my daughter and some of the special needs that she has. Well, recently God brought TWO of the women in this picture into my life, both with daughters with special needs, just to help us all see that He has a plan and that He can use us as support for each other. I have loved that they have been down the road that I am now walking and they truly understand when I share about the disappointments and the small victories that we have around here.

There are numerous stories of how God has brought one girl our way and we've immediately thought, "WOW! HER story sounds like HER story!" and we've been able to see God develop accountability and friendships that have been nothing short of amazing.

The picture is from a recent women's retreat that we planned for the class. God did some wonderful healing work that weekend and He has drawn us closer to Him and to each other since then. Some of the women are new believers and their perspectives and joy is so contagious that you just LOVE being around them! Some have loved Jesus for a long time and their wisdom and perspective encourages the new believers. It is so wonderful to see how God works!

So, today, I am thankful for the women that God is using to encourage me and that I get to share life with on a weekly basis! I love you all and I am praying for you!!


Rebecca Jo said…
There is nothing like a group together in the name of God!!! And the way He brings you all together is just so amazing...

what a wonderful thing to be thankful for...
Faith said…
So thankful to hear of all that God is doing with this group. He is good!
Patty Sumner said…
Love the zeal and excitement that a new beleiver has! God bless you as you seek to follow His leading in your class and anything else He has for you to do! Have a joyous and blessed day!
Hey Melissa,

What a beautiful post. I sometimes find that women can be really hard on each other. What a blessing to see and hear of a group of women who encourage each other! Praising God for this blessing in your life!
Kat said…
That is amazing. Definitley something to be thankful for indeed!

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