Thankfulness Day 5

Today I am thankful for my husband!


To say that we are opposites would be an understatement, but somehow the Lord saw fit to put us together and I LOVE HIM TO PIECES!!!


He is right by my side in helping me raise our girl and he is a very strong influence in both of our lives.


Lately he and his dad and brother have started having lunch once a month to reconnect and establish some accountability. I love that. I love that he's willing to work at our family and that he cares about everyone of us. (That's our niece, Taylor with her uncle Steve!)


He's a pretty serious guy, but I love that he's willing to step out of his shell and be involved in things that interest our girl.

Work has been pretty tough lately with this economy, but he has hung in there and he continues to work hard though some days are discouraging!


Just a few minutes ago he left to go on an over night trip to share the love of Christ with a few friends from our Sunday school class in the mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky. I know that God is going to use his gentle spirit and willing heart to point people to Him.

So... today! I am proud and VERY THANKFUL for my sweet man!



Mandy said…
I hope he gets to read this post Melissa! Praying for the team - what a great opportunity.
BTW, you looked radiant tonight at the Breath of Heaven thing! You're always so sweet to me and I appreciate it. Shine on, sister
Have a great weekend!

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