Every Knee Shall Bow

Philippians 2: 10-11 says, "that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."

Our day at church yesterday was quite emotional. Our music minister's wife, Debra, was in a horrible car wreck last week and she has been in the hospital with several broken bones for a few days.

Our music minister was at church, as always, to lead worship and to praise the LORD for His blessings. It was truly amazing to see his strength in the Lord as he stood before the choir and prayed before we went out to worship. As he stood before the congregation to lead he was obviously burdened, but he was there for one thing... to worship the God that provides and protects. It was very emotional, but amazing!

As we entered inito our usual prayer time the pastor called those who wanted to pray to the alter. Trying not to cry, I kept my eyes open as people came to the alter. I wanted to see how God was working as people came to bow in prayer.

Many different people came.

Moms with kids and husbands.

An older lady with a shaved head... cancer, Lord? More older ladies who gathered around her... her Sunday school class?

A lady, with her palms up, kneeling and tears streaming. Lord, what is she facing?

Some familiar faces come, friends holding hands and kneeling in prayer for their families and our church.

As people get settled I notice one man coming up the aisle. He is alone and he is walking quickly. He is wearing a pair of yellow flowing pants and a long flowing yellow shirt. He is African. His clothes are different from any other that approached the alter that day. He reaches the alter and he kneels just like all the rest, and he prays.

I begin to pray, "Jesus. You died for all of these people. How, Lord? Look at their burdens! They are heavy and hard to bear! You are their only hope. You are all that they want to see, Lord. Every person is so different and yet they are so similar because they need a touch from You! They come from all walks of life. They are needy. WE are needy. We all have things that we need to lay before You and yet we walk away still carrying them! Father, do what only You can do. Touch each one of us. Help us to lay our burdens down and leave them at your Holy feet. As we go back to our pews and then back to our lives Lord, help us to take You!"

For one second we were all the same. Needy children at the Father's feet seeking Him earnestly. He sees us that way... all the same... red, yellow, black and white... we are precious in His sight.

He is waiting for us. He is listening. He is doing all that He can to keep our relationship with Him alive. He is forgiving, loving and waiting.

Every knee shall bow, and what a priviledge it is!


Valarie said…

God is so good girl and I'm so grateful He never faints from hearing His children's call!!

Love ya.
Leigh Gray said…
beautiful post!!!

love, Leigh
Melissa said…
How do we function without worship? How do people who do not know Christ make it without His forgivenss and strength? I just can not imagine and am so grateful for His hand... it makes me cry just to think about it.

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