Praying For Our Children

It is just amazing to me that I get so wrapped up and in a wad over the things that happen in Caroline, my six year old's, life. I know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that I am a mom that is fully dependent on the Lord and I pray with and for this kid all the time... everyday as a matter of fact. Without Him, I could not take one step, make one decision or have one ounce of sanity. I get all worked up about things that, a hundred years from now, will not amount to a hill of beans! Oh Jesus, please, forgive me!

I had the awesome opportunity to spend some time with some sweet moms tonight. They were so precious and encouraging. I wanted to encourage them that through prayer they can do all things and that in the Lord there is much hope! It is true that our Heavenly Father sees all things. He is in all things and all things work together for good for those that love Him.

Being on our knees for our children is really not a choice! It is something that we HAVE to do or we will lose them to this society that is desperately trying to pull them away. NOT ON OUR WATCH GIRLS!

Look at James 5:16. There is power in the hands and heart of a praying mom!
Now look at Ephesians 6:17-18. It is a command to pray and to be specific about praying the armor of God into the lives of our kids.

I just can't help but to be passionate about the importance of this in the life of our church, the life of my family and in the life of my child. I am seeing too much that will hurt her to not be praying!

I also need to trust. I dedicated Caroline to Jesus at 9 months old standing before my church and my family. I can not take her back! She is His and I have to trust His amazing protective hand to cover her as I pray.

Pray for each child. Lift them to the Father and let Him take them into His care. He is bigger than anything this world throws at them or us. He is able to do far more in their lives if we let Him! Live the authentic life before them so that they can see His hand at work in your life. They need it today more than ever before. They need to see what is real and they need to trust Him. They will trust as much as you do!


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