The Worm

Usually the Lord speaks to me when I am out on a walk/jog. (He speaks to Beth Moore when she is doing her hair so... it's possible!)

(oh, disclaimer.. It is never an all out jog because I am SO not a runner, but I TRY to make it more than a walk... it is all in the give and take!)

He uses His creation to speak such amazing and simple truths to me. There was the turtle story ( that is for another time.. and another blog) and then there was the tree story that I wrote about not long ago.

Today it was a little curled up worm. I was in jog mode and I was coming up a little hill when I looked down and saw a worm. He was almost completely dried up. You know the ones.. they are baked in the sun because they somehow got out on the pavement and they are just frying. Poor guy. There he was just struggling to wiggle just one more time before the inevitable happened. He was about to become a dried up and hard little dead worm.

I am sure you are asking youself HOW in the WORLD the Lord spoke through that little guy. Well, I am going to tell you.

I began to think, "Why doesn't he just get back in the grass? He could be in the shade. He could possibly live if the little guy could burrow himself back into the soil."

Then it hit me.

"You know, Melissa. That is exactly what I ask about you all the time!" I heard it... soft and clear.

" When you are just living in that flesh of yours I wonder, 'Why isn't she over here? Why has she left the shade of My right hand to live out in the heat of this world? Can't she see that she is baking out there? If she would just get right back under My wing of protection she would not have to face the heat all alone.' "

Poor guy. He was just wiggling and striving to live... all on his own.

The Lord calls us to holiness. He calls us to be set apart and yet He never intended for us to go it alone. While it can be a lonely place, living the way He calls us to, God promised that He would never leave us. He likens Himself to a mother hen with her chicks under her wing. The safety of His arms and His will is like no other safe place here on earth.

Sometimes we struggle to live in that safe place. This world looks so inviting. They sure look like they are having fun sometimes, don't they? We are tempted and tried at times. We struggle with our thoughts and our behavior can quickly follow... IF WE GET OUT ON THE PAVEMENT!

Stay prayed up my sisters. Stay honest before His throne. We deal with thoughts and ideas that are not of Him. Confess it all to Him every day and come before Him as a clean vessel ready to be filled by HIS Spirit and emptied of our fleshly ambitions.

Stay under that wing of protection so that you don't have to go it alone. He is longing to hold your hand and walk you right through.. or carry you if that is what it takes... right back to the safety of the grass and the place where you can burrow and live!

The pavement is a hot place to stand.

"Show the wonder of Your great love, you who save by Your right hand those who take refuge in You from their foes. Keep me as the apple of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings..." Psalms 17:7-8


Valarie said…
Oh girl I'm so with you on this one! I've been the worm, baking the in blaze of the world. In fact, I even got a little crispy myself. Praise God for His shadowing hand!

Thanks for this word today girl! I needed it.

BTW - if He can speak thru Beth Moore and her trash duty, He can CERTAINLY use a worm! teehee
Melissa said…
I just do not understand WHY I don't learn some lessons... at least by the third time or so! It would be nice if I could learn it the first time, but we all know that we think WE know best. I have to get thumped in the head a few times and then, "OH! I get it Lord!"
Leigh Gray said…
the women - that is all i got to say - the women!!!
hee hee

Melissa said…
WHAAAT! I have had no lesson from the Women, but He can speak through anything, I am learning, so you just never know!
Leigh Gray said…
the women taught me many things!!!! hee hee

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