So yesterday my little one was sick and we were at home ALL DAY LONG. I am a 'get up and go' kind of girl. I have finally gotten back into working out and then we are in our little school routine of dropping off at 7:50m. Usually I run errands, clean some, do some stuff around the house... you know.. mommy stuff!

The big benefit of yesterday was that I did get TONS-o-laundry done! That is a great feeling to have the eternally filled basket of dirtiness completely empty! (for one second that is... i mean everyone put on pj's and the dirties went into the hamper again... AND it's full again! It just won't DIE!) BUT... The best part of my day... talking to my friends.

If I didn't have the Godly women in my life that I do... WHAT would I do??? They each, in their own way (which is SO cool!) seek to follow Jesus everyday. It is really encouraging to see how this one is thinking and seeking God in a decision and the next one is seeking God in another, and He is speaking to them right where they are! I love that they all have different personalities and gifts and that He uses each one for His glory! It is the church... with all of it's parts... in motion.

Turn in your Bible to Romans 12:3-8. Read what the Word has to say about the body of the church.

Isn't it awesome!? One has the gift of prophecy, one has the gift of serving, one has the gift of teaching. Think about your friends. Who is the server? Who is the teacher? Who is the encourager?

Why not take some time to encourage them? Thank the Lord for the one that you can always count on to listen in your time of need. Write them a note just thanking them for being there for you. Or why not send an e-mail to the one that is always serving and thank them for all that they do to further the body of Christ?

I am so very thankful for each one of my friends. They challenge me to grow. They seek to hold me accountable and they love Jesus. That is the best part of all.. they love Jesus.

What role do you play? Do you point them to Jesus? Ask the Lord to use you in the lives of those who encourage you the most. He will show you how!

A deeper walk girls... that is what we are after!

Palms up.. surrendered life daily... in His Word and seeking His will... even in our friendships!


Valarie said…
Love that girl! You encourage me so much and I thank God every day for giving me another "sista"! We are the body of Christ and we've got to look after one another! I'm honored to be your friend Melissa!
I love you girl!

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