The Judgement Check

Well, yesterday was Sunday, and what an awesome day of worship! Sometimes I almost have to refrain from running my crazy self around the entire church because I am just so thrilled about being in God's house and singing His praises. Then I remember that I am in God's house and there does need to be a smidge of restraint out of respect for Him and others who are also trying to worship. The whole running thing would be just a little distracting to others, don't you think?

A few days ago I wrote some thoughts on being judgemental. We looked at a scripture out of Matthew 5-6 where we learned that we need to be careful about how we judge others realizing that we will be held to the same standards. I have to admit that yesterday was hard. During the wonderful praise time at church there on the front row stood a family, arms crossed, and not singing. Now the rest of the church, from what I could tell was at least singing. Most were singing and clapping. This family gave the appearance that they hated being there and they were going to protest by folding their arms and remaining tight lipped. I even had a friend comment to me, " Can you believe this? How can they just stand there like that!?!"

You know, maybe they didn't know Jesus! Maybe they said to each other, "Can you belive this!? How can they sing and clap like that!?"

A judging spirit is easy to maintain. Just look at the people around you, form an uninformed opinion, then to top it off 'share' that with someone else, and there you have it... judgmental from the word go! It is a real test for me. I need to be careful about my THOUGHTS first and then my judgemental words won't flow quite so easily.

We were reminded in Sunday school yesterday that the same God that created the universe out of nothing also created every single human being on this planet. He loves each one on each continent the same. NO matter their skin tone, hair color, ability or disability He loves them all. And no matter the god that they have chosen to follow, Jesus died so that every single person might know salvation from hell. It is the human race that puts importance on people by their status, characteristics, physical appearance, etc, not God. To Him we are all the same. We all came into the world the same way and we will leave in the same way. His Word and it's promises were written for everyone who will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Do you not know, have you not heard.. He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and it's peoples are like grasshoppers." Isaiah 40:21-22

SO who am I to judge?

When will I learn this Lord? Help my judgemental and sinful heart to remember that every single person is a child of Yours. You died for them in the same way that you died for me! Each heart beats the same. Each life is precious to You... Lord, help them to be precious to me!


Nicki said…
Girl, first of all, is that time correct on your blog?? 3am??? =) phew...ok, and I can totally relate to this aspect of judging...when it comes to worship. We are just SO EXCITED about WHO GOD IS, that it's just jumping from us!!! I remember one Sunday being SO SAD because we were sitting behind a couple and the husband was really trying to worship and the wife kept looking at him and looking around to see who was looking at broke my heart. THAT was hard not to judge!! I say we do it girl...let's run through the church, let's give them something to talk about!! =)
Melissa said…
no, 3am is not right! What is the deal with that?

Don't think I haven't thought several times about just running some laps on Sunday mornings!

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