How Great is Our God?

I just can't praise Him enough!

We are starting this new ministry at church called The Mustard Seed Project and it is for special needs kids/adults. We got our creative team at the church to create a logo, began to promote it and oh. my. word! People are just a coming! It is like we just opened the floodgates and said, "Come on in, ya'll!"

Don't get me wrong. It's not like there are thousands of people with disabilities that are coming to participate, but there are people that we never anticipated that are stepping out and saying that they want to attend an informational meeting to see how they can help or have their child involved. I mean it is like the Lord has just dropped this in the lap of our church for the taking! It is just an honor to see a population that is being under served become active and begin to form. The coolest part... I have had nothing to do with it!!

Joni and Friends is a national ministry that helps churches get this type of thing organized. They offer training and tips on how to organize things so that those starting from scratch (that would be me! and Amy Grayson... who has been amazingly supportive and helpful and awesome) will have an inkling of a direction.

Let me just stop here and say that my spell check has stopped working and I am the worst speller ever!! I mean, I could have a learning disability in spelling... so if you are scratching your head about my spelling abilities in these latest blogs...well, that would be why!

Ok, onward.

Joni and Friends has a really great ministry where they help churches (called Through the Roof) and they also do summer camps and Wheel Chairs to the World (where they deliver wheel chairs to 3rd world countries... oh my word.. those pictures will just send you right over the edge. I mean sob for days!). Well, they are sending this really great guy to come help with our meeting for the volunteers and I am just so excited about it. He is in a wheelchair himself and the fact that he is coming to talk about the needs of people with needs like his helps these families to see that we are really trying to go about this in the right way. That we are trying to connect with them where they are, and that Jesus has a plan for them and their child.

So, I am praising God today! I know that this will probably not be the easiest thing I have ever done, but nothing worth doing is really easy. I pray that He will bless our attempts to reach out to this community that is largely unreached. and that He will use our church to meet their spiritual needs. It is so exciting!! I can't wait to see what He does!!


amy said…
amen. i am astounded and amazed every day when i receive more phone calls and emails but then i think...why am i astounded? God is providing (just as He promised He would) and that, my friend, makes me want to get on my face in a huge puddle in the floor. i am so excited to have this front row seat to watch Him work and i am honored that i am sharing it with you. praise Him!!
Valarie said…
YAY GOD!! AND YOU GO MELISSA!! Know that He has been preparing your whole life for "such a time as this"! I love it! I'm praying for you and just about can't hardly wait to see what the Lord does with this!!

I love ya girl.
Emily said…
You will be perfect for this! I will start praying for you today. :)
amy said…
you've been tagged...check out my blog for details ;).
Amy E. said…
GREAT!!! What an answered prayer! I am so excited to see what the Lord is going to do through this ministry!! I agree with Valarie -- it is amazing to look back and see how He has been preparing you for this! OH, I am just so thrilled for you, for Amy, for HGBC, and for all of the lives you are going to reach through this!
Melissa said…
You guys are so precious. Your support and comments bring tears to my eyes. I am more than thrilled to tell you that the Lord is putting an excitement in me that hasn't been there in a while. I am on the edge of my seat waiting on Him to show His power and glory among His people. Praise Him, people. Do not turn your backs on God. Listen to Him and let Him do a work that will overwhelm you. His faithful hand will never leave you! He is amazing. AMAZING!

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