Oops! Yikes, again!

Ha! Somehow I hit some key and "Yikes" got published all by itself! Actually, it's a great entry! I think I will leave it. It is the truest word for what I am feeling. (Is "truest" a word?OH, Yea... like the color blue in it's "truest form..." It IS a word.)

So tomorrow... OH my goodness... TOMORROW is the first Mustard Seed meeting. I am just amazed at how God is working and confirming in me that this is what He has laid out for me. I do not know what it means. It's like stepping off of a cliff and having the faith that His enormous hand is there to catch me as I continue the steps.

As I look into His Word and see the way that he healed those with leprosy, demons, and others with exceptional needs it is just more confirmation that we, the church body, have the same responsibility. Not only to those who deal with the disabilities, but also to their families. We have the responsiblity to go to the Father on their behalf as the friends and family members of the Bible did. We also have the responsibility to introduce them to Jesus... just like the friends and family of the Bible did.

I read about sons being afflicted and fathers pursuing Jesus and His healing power on his son's behalf. I read about friends who tore tiles off of a roof so that their needy friend could be lowered down to the feet of Jesus as He taught in the town. I read about men bringing their friend that was paralyzed on a mat to the feet of Jesus. In each situation Jesus wanted to be sure that they understood that His primary reason for coming was so they could know that their sins are forgiven. THAT is our calling.

I am excited. I am nervous. I am eager and yet trying to be calm. I want to see Jesus do a work in the lives of these sweet kids and their families like never before. I hope they see hope. I want them to find rest. I pray that they are encouraged. I pray that the lives of those who step up to volunteer are changed forever by the blessing that they receive by being obedient. There are so many prayers that I want to see answered. He is more than able to handle them all!!

What does God have for you to do? If you are not sure... begin to pray! Ask the Lord to be so crystal clear that there is NO mistaking His call. It is like no adventure you have ever known!! It is exciting to see His hand and will in your life. There is anticipation, mystery and excitement that is different from any that I have known. When people claim that the Christian faith is boring... well, have I got news for them! I have never known such excitement and purpose in my heart. His plans ARE higher and His ways ARE greater than we can fathom. In seeking Him we find rest, but we also find purpose and that is such a blessing. It's not an empty promise of purpose either... it's heavenly purpose...kingdom purpose!!

Lord, give us eyes to see and a heart to know Your perfect will for each of our lives. Provide for us and help us to see You so clearly that there is no mistaking the next steps that we are to take. Give us Your eyes. Show us how to love others the way You would have us to. Help us to step out in obedience and let you carry us!! Thank you for being a God that keeps His promises. You have not left us! You do give direction and we are thankful for Your goodness. How can we ever be the same once we commit to whole heartedly follow you?? Help us to always seek You and Your will for us! I love you Jesus!


Valarie said…
GIRL! I'm so excited too and I'm gonna be praying for your meeting. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!! I love you and am so proud of you for listening and following!!

Love ya.
Melissa said…
Honey, I have missed you this week! Thanks for praying! I soooo appreciate your support. See you soon I hope. Love you!
JenB said…
Prayed for your meeting this morning. See ya Saturday!
Melissa said…
Thanks Jen!We prayed for you guys to have a safe trip home! Caroline wants to see Becca and Hayeser! She misses them and we miss you! Love you!

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