I thought I had seen it all until today! I brought the Caroline home from school and she asked if she could go jump on her trampoline. Being a warm day and all... I said yes! Well, she rounds the back of the house as I walk into the kitchen where I can see her from our bay window. I see her for one second. Then she turns around and starts running towards the house. She comes in the door.

"Mom, that big dog back there is out!"

I go look at the dog that our backdoor neighbor has and sure enough, he's out. And he's a pit bull.
(just a tiny detail)

I notice though that the dog is not running around but he is on the outside of his fence with his front paws on the fence. He's just standing on his back legs and he's barking.

Time passes. We have snack, I take a phone call, we get settled to do homework and I look out the window. He's still standing there. Paws on the fence.

I go out into my backyard and he hears me so he turns and starts barking. The idiot dog is chained inside the fence, but he has jumped the fence and has no choice but to stand on his hind legs!!!!! He almost hung his fool self!!!!!!!! If that chain had been one or two links shorter he would be hanging from a noose! Oh my word!!

I went next door to get my neighbor because their kids know the dog owner's kids. He walks back with me and would not dare go near the dog. Turns out the owner isn't home from work yet. Well, it's 5:15 and that poor dog is just out there... paws on the fence... barking his fool head off.. and won't let anyone go near him. I really feel sorry for him.

Did I mention he's a pit bull? I ain't goin' near him.


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