It's My Birthday!!

And I ain't proud! It is a big deal at our house when it's someone's big day! I mean, when I was growing up my mom would make toast and put a candle in it. We started celebrating the minute we woke up and didn't stop until we went to bed. When I was in college my poor roommates had to continue the tradition for me. My mother would send a muffin or something to school with a candle and ask my room mates to light the candle when I got up so that we could begin the celebration!!

Sad people. Really sad.

SO now I expect nothing less. Yes, you can begin to pray for Steve. I make it very clear that YESTERDAY was Valentine's day. Today is a NEW day with a NEW reason to celebrate. Now, don't get me wrong... we are certainly allowed to celebrate as long as the man can put up with me. I like my friend Valarie's description.. The Ten Days of Melissa. (Well, she calls hers the Ten Days of Valarie, but you get the point.)

I have to say that my birthday does make me reflect on things a bit. I begin to look at where I am headed and how the Lord is working. It really is a great thing to see where He is leading and how far He has brought me. I just love that He also reminds me that HE is still God. Not me. I have no control over this life.. including getting older! It is up to me though to take care of the temple that He has given me and to seek Him daily. So I use my birthday to recommit to Him each year. I also try to recommit to do something for myself to make me stronger and better in the coming year. Last year I committed to work out more and it took me a while, but I finally started working out everyday. I want to keep that commitment and then add better eating habits so that hopefully some weight will come off.

ANYWAY, it's my birthday. I am a year older, but hopefully a little wiser and more of who God is calling me to be. I am thankful that I have lived another year to enjoy my family and make new friends. I am glad that the Lord has brought some old friendships into better view and He has allowed some closeness to occur that has been really sweet. He has allowed me to see some things of my past come full circle as I see what His plan is for those things... I love that! I am looking forward to seeing those things unfold. I am thankful for my church and the blessing of God's presence in that place. I have never known worship on a weekly basis like this in my life. I have seen that hand of God in the lives of others and I am so thankful to see Him at work.

Wonder what I will get? I love presents too. Like I said.. it's sad people. I fluxuate between being thankful and full of perspective to being really surface and "Bring on the CAKE!" in two point three seconds. That's 2.3! Make it a cute cake too. I like cute.

Spoiled. I tell you. SPOILED.


amy said…
happy, happy, happy day. remember, i am contributing to the 10 days of melissa with lunch and presents next week. is wednesday okay? just let me know. love you!
Stephanie said…
Hey Melissa, girl I am the same way. And when I first got married, I looked at my husband like don't you know this is my birthday week? Where's the band? Girl I feel you, and low and behold I am doing the same to my kids. Lydia Grace thinks everyone is out of schoolMonday because it's her birthday.Heehee. But it is just fine, if you don't make your birthday important, no one is going to. My sisters say I live in a pink bubble, and I say YES I DO.
God bless and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Valarie said…
On the 10th day of Melissa my true love gave to me.....hahahahaa
Love ya.
Emily said…
Happy belated birthday! Friday was one of the few days I didn't look at your blog :( Hope you had a good one and that Steve came through for you with enough celebration!
Happy birthday friend - just got back in town and had no computer access to speak of. Hope it was a grand day - Steve - can he ever top the new car???? What a great guy for an awesome girl!! Happy B-day and to Traci Backes too!! Love, Leigh
Melissa said…
All of you are so sweet to leave me comments for my birthday!! I have been so busy that I have not even looked at this blog for several days! Imagine my surprise to see your sweet comments when I finally signed on!! AND I love the pictures of you all. It makes me smile to see you!I love you! Thanks for the smiles. :)

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