The Sweetest Things!

Last weekend while singing in the choir I was watching the congregation worship as we sang.It was really a sweet time and sort of emotional as we recently got the news that our pastor's wife would start chemo the next day for recurring cancer.

We started singing that new version of Amazing Grace, and while we were singing I noticed the sweetest little man on the second row in the middle of the church. He was older and had a hard time standing, but he grabbed the pew in front of him and stood. All by himself. He stood and put one feeble hand up in worship. Eyes closed and mouth moving to the words this precious man stood on wabbly knees and worshipped his God. It was absolutely precious.

But, the next thing he did almost took me to my knees. He reached back and grabbed the hand of his precious wife and helped her to stand as well!! Both of them stood together, unashamedly, in praise of their God and Savior. It was almost more than I could take. Tears began to stream down my face.

I wondered how long they had been married. How long they had worshipped together. They were the only two standing for a minute and then the rest of the congregation followed. I wondered how long they have stood together for our Lord. How long he had been the spiritual leader of their home and marriage. It was the most amazing and wonderful sight and I could not help but to follow their lead.

Just tonight while putting our daughter to bed her daddy prayed and then she prayed. Oh my goodness! I do not know when I have heard a little girl pray like that! She never prays with ME like that, but when her daddy is in the room and he prays and then asks her to and oh. my. word. Tears again!! Just the fact that this sweet girl is learning to go to the feet of the Father and pray earnest prayers for her family and friends just makes me want to weep!

Just yesterday a friend called and asked me to meet her at the prayer room. She wanted to spend part of her day in intercession for those of our church and nation who are hurting. She wanted to cry out to the Father on behalf of our families and friends. It was an absolutely precious and sweet time of prayer and worship. It was priceless, and I am forever grateful that the Lord has brought her into my life just to show me what friendship in the Lord means. I can only hope that I would bring others to the feet of Jesus the way that she is.

It is the most wonderful thing to be a follower of Christ. Our lives are not easier than anyone else's, and our problems are not diminished just because we choose to trust Jesus as our Savior. But one thing is true! We know that He loves us in spite of our problems. We know that He carries us when things get hard. There is peace when we trust that He will provide and there is worship... true, amazing, heart felt worship that comes out of our love for Him. I can not imagine my life without His hand on me. I do not ever want Him to leave me and He promises in His Word that if we seek Him we will find Him.

Lord, please help me to seek you daily. Thank you so much for saving even me. I am so unworthy of Your love and yet You give it freely. Please, Lord, never remove Your powerful hand of mercy and peace from my life. I never want to take one step without Your direction. I never want to stand in a worship service again and miss the blessing of Your presence because I am so caught up in my own life. Lord, help me to lay it down. Help me to see Your face and hear Your voice and obey You. Lord, help me to love others the way that You would have me to. Show me how to love when I don't know how. Give me words to encourage others to follow You. Help me to be honest and real about who I am and who You are. Lord, nothing that I have and nothing that I am is because of me. You have blessed me beyond belief and I thank you Father. Thank you Jesus. I love you Lord. Amen...


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