Random stuff!

Well, my friend Cindy is headed off for a cruise tomorrow. I am only a little jealous. She and her sisters go every year and she has been working out with us in the weight room. I mean she is a model for Pete's sake! She is tall and slim and really very attractive. AND she loves Jesus so that makes it even worse. I mean better. :) I have been getting to know her over the hours of treadmill/elliptical torture. I mean exercise. We have talked about lots of stuff. From kids to recipes to Bible studies and books we like to read. Anyway, I hope she has fun. Sort of.

AND we are starting our 3rd week of Bible study with girls in my SS class and I am loving it!! The Lord really spoke through Beth Moore last night as she talked about singing (we are doing the Psalms of Ascent) songs in worship and REALLY meaning what we sing. Oh, now THERE is some conviction for ya! This weekend is our missions week at church and Sunday night we are singing some great stuff!! I just know now that every time we sing I am going to have to really pay attention to the words and whether or not I am REALLY meaning all that I am saying. Quite a challenge because sometimes my mood does not match my heart. I think they both need some work!! So I am loving it!! The challenge and the growth that I know is taking place among all of us... Oh I can't wait to see us climb the ascent with the Lord.

AND our friends got back safely with their newly adopted little boy!! They had a little detour in Florida to stop for gas so their plane was later than planned, but they are here and fine and THRILLED! It has been a long road of prayer and anticipation for them and our church and friends so this is a HUGE prayer that has been answered. HUGE! I have not seen him yet, but I know he is precious from the photos that they have sent through out the process. My friend Valarie (valariekelswick@blogspot.com) got some folks together to go to the airport to support them, and she said that he was so precious and seemed excited to see everyone. Oh, I can't wait to see him!

Well, today is grandparent's chapel too. Mom and dad are on their way as I type and I am pretty sure my husband's parents will come as well. I am excited to see mom and dad and I know my Caroline will be thrilled to see them all. It is always a little tense when they are all in the same room because Caroline does not see my parents as much and my mother is ALL (and I do mean ALL!) about Caroline, and so Caroline is ALL about her Mimi. That means that most of the time they are just a carryin' on and Steve's mom kind of watches. I HATE IT! I always try my hardest to get his mom into the "carryin' on" but she ain't the "carryin' on" type... can you say uncomfortable?? Anyway, it's hard and I don't know how to fix it so I just pray. Only Jesus can make this one better, girls.

Ok, enough of the random stuff. Just here... waiting on the grandparents and thought I would kill some time. Have a good weekend. Go get you some praise on at church this week! He is SO amazingly worthy of it. I mean, the mere fact that we are breathing and alive is enough to sing a praise song about! Think about what you sing too. Mean it. Close your eyes and think about the incredible gift He has given you in this life. Especially, oh sisters, ESPECIALLY if He has saved you. That might be worth a hand raise or a shout, now!

Love you!


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