The Hurting

Everywhere I go someone is hurting. There is some unexpected circumstance. There is some hurdle that can't be overcome. There is some pain that others are inflicting or a pain from within. There are questions that are unanswered and answers that are not understood. It's hard.

Today we read about Ruth in Sunday school. We saw that her mother-in-law, Naomi, was stripped of her family. Her husband and two sons died and all she had left were two daughters-in-law that were not of her native land nor of her faith. The question was asked, "How would you have responded? Is it ok to question God?"

Several months ago a very close friend and I had this very conversation. We were talking about whether it is ok to go before God and just bold face ask "WHAT'S THE DEAL?" We, by no means, want to be disrespectful before the God of the Universe. We do not want to seem like children who have no respect or honor for their Abba Father (Daddy). But the hurt is still there!! The questions are still unanswered and it is hard to move on when you feel stuck in your circumstances.

My response? He IS God of the Universe! He IS our Abba Father and if we can't come to Him with our very real, very hard and very painful hurts, where can we go?? He is a BIG God with BIG arms and a heart big enough to send His own Son to die for us. Certainly He can handle the hurts and hurt feelings that we have! Certainly He can handle a little emotion on our part as we seek to come to terms with the hurt.

I believe Beth Moore said it... or maybe it was someone else... but it is a quote that I love. They said to go ahead and fight it out with God! At least in the fight He still has His hands on you! At least in the fight you have not run away and you are not alone, but you are struggling through and seeking Him with all that you have. I think that is so true! He wants us to have such a relationship with Him that we can say anything. Mad, sad, hurt, happy, eager uncertainties. They are all important to Him!

Sometimes Steve and I will get into a tiff. It does not happen a lot, but when it does happen it's hard. Sometimes I feel insecure or get tired of something that is going on and need a change. Sometimes we go through hard things that neither of us understand. It gets hard, but it does not mean that we give up. It does not mean that it's ok for me to run from my marriage or from God, but I have to stay and fight it out until it is resolved. Sometimes the resolution isn't immediate. It takes time to talk and hear the other person's side. It does not help for me to blame him, but it does help for me to say that I am mad or hurt so that he knows how I feel.

Maybe you are in a tiff with God. Maybe something is going on that is just not fair!! Maybe He has allowed something in your life that is really hurting and you have not talked it out with Him. Perhaps there is a circumstance that you just don't understand.

TALK TO HIM! He is here. He listens and He cares. He knows you are hurting. It will not surprise Him or catch Him off guard!Yell it if you need to!! He can handle it. He can see the pain and knows the hurt more intimately than you do because He created you. He created your feelings and the very voice that you cry out to Him with!!

Oh, Lord. I cry out to you on behalf of my hurting friends. Lord there are people facing some serious things. They need a touch from You. They need an arm around them and a listening ear. Draw them close, Lord. Keep them close, Lord. Give me words to say to encourage them. Show others how to reach out and help. Give us the courage to come before you with honest and real hearts Lord. Be our Abba Father. Give us stamina to face another day in our circumstance and still live this life for You, Lord. Bind the broken hearted and protect the fragile hearts that are trying to heal. Lord, we need you. This sinful world is so broken, and we live here! We need you!! Be our refuge and our strength! Amen.


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