Count Your Blessings

My mom use to always say, "If you look around hard enough you will find someone dealing with a lot harder stuff than you." And man, is she right!

This past week, while I was cooking supper, my phone rang. I didn't recognize the name on the caller ID but for some reason I answered it. The lady on the other line told me her name and she explained that we had a mutual acquaintance. She told me that she knew that I had a child that dealt with Sensory Auditory problems and that she was really at a loss with her 4 year old son. Her friend mentioned my name to her and gave her my number (which was fine!) and she wanted to know if I could give her some advice.

As she talked I remembered that our mutual acquaintance had mentioned a lady that went to her church that was struggling with her child. I was beginning to make the connection so I just listened.

She explained that he was extremely bright... can name all of the dinosaurs, knows his letter, numbers, shapes and colors, etc. but the only way he really communicated was on his terms. If you asked him questions, he could not recall the answer. If you change his schedule, he freaks. If you change things at home he can't handle it and the list... the very familiar sounding list... continued.

I told her about the course of action that we had taken with our daughter. The educational specialist's, the psychologist's and the occupational therapist's information were discussed and the school choices were contemplated. We talked for a while about our seemingly identical situations.

Then I asked, "So, how are YOU doing? It is sometimes a lonely feeling when your child is a little different."

And that's when my mom's common quote began to ring in my ear.

"Well, the chemo makes me really tired. My boys are not use to seeing me sleep so much. I have enjoyed being home with them this summer. I will start radiation before much longer and I am glad that school will be in by then. It's my main concern to be sure my boys are cared for. My husband is a teacher too, and he usually gets a summer job, but we have all been home together. We are making ends meet. Yes, I have lost my hair, many lymph nodes and a breast, but I am here and I can care for my family. They are working with me in physical therapy to help me regain the use of my shoulder where they removed the nodes so my shoulder won't stick out funny. Overall, I am hanging in there though."

I sat there in total silence.

Lord, I have not one complaint to bring to you today. My gratitude far outweighs any struggle that I am facing. I believe You allowed that lady to call just to show me how selfish I am. I have complained to you far to much about my healthy and wonderful life. My heart goes out to her and her family as they face many hard battles. Lord, thank you for opening my eyes and for being a personal God who uses others to show us who You are. You are strength. You are hope. You are all that we need. -Amen


Heather said…
You are so right and I needed to hear this. Somehow, when you write, I always need to hear it! That's a gift, girlfriend!
I'm praying for you and will say a prayer for the woman who called and her little boy, too.
JenB said…
Oh wow. I really don't know what else to say. I needed some perspective today.
Faith said…
Wow. What a great reminder to keep our eyes off of ourselves and our problems. Something I really needed to hear.
Leigh Ann said…
Wow! I sure needed to hear this today! I have no words other than that.
MiMi said…
WOW! Your mom is so right and I needed to be reminded of this today. I am sure that you were a huge blessing to this lady, too.

Thank you for sharing this story with us.
God's Girl said…
It is so nice to meet you. I pray that we can keep in touch. I love your heart for the Lord - it shines through in your writings.

Thanks for sharing!

Love to you,

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